Kanye West claims he lost $2bn in just one day of his anti-semitic remarks

Kanye West claims to have lost $2 billion in a single day this week. It follows the loss of numerous significant collaborations due to his antisemitic remarks.

The rapper was also known as Ye. He posted a message on October 27 to Ari Emanuel. Ari was the CEO of the entertainment and media agency Endeavor. Further, Ari had urged businesses to stop working with the rapper due to his recent anti-Semitic remarks.

Statement of Kanye West on Instagram

Having reclaiming control of his account after being suspended for posting hate speech, West made a statement on Instagram. Hence the information was “Ari Emanuel lost 2 billion dollars in one day, and he is still alive. It is a discourse of love. Still, he adores you. God still cares about you. Money does not define who he is. Who he is the people.”

Hence West lost his billionaire title last week. As a result of the breakup of various business and fashion connections due to the rapper’s recent antisemitic comments. Also, it is due to his promotion of “White Lives Matter”-themed clothes at Paris Fashion Week. 

Political officials in California and LA’s entertainment and fashion industry people had previously collaborated with the rapper. Also, these persons are alarmed by recent anti-Semitic acts.

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Estimate of the Deal

Kanye West’s Adidas deal alone is at an estimated €250 million. Hence Adidas, Balenciaga, Gap, and other brands declared that they would no longer collaborate with him. His longstanding talent agency, CAA, also dropped him. Also, a recently finished documentary about the singer was there.

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Last week, Emanuel stated in an essay on a news source: “There should be no tolerance anywhere for Kanye West’s antisemitism. We must live up to our values when the stakes are so high at this point in history.

Kanye West claims he lost $2bn in a day as he returns to Instagram amid backlash at anti-Semitic rants

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Claims by the West

Following Adidas’ decision to part ways with Kanye West, the rapper and fashion designer arrived “unannounced and without invitation” at the Skechers corporate headquarters in Los Angeles. The company claims that West involve in “unauthorized filming.” 

Also, it “had no intention of working with West” as it removes from the facility. Donda Academy was a private, non-accredited institution run by West in California. Also, this Academy declared its impending closure on October 26. 

According to Hollywood Unlocked, the principal, Jason Angell, claims in an email to parents that the choice was “at the discretion of our founder.” But that the school intends to “begin afresh in September of 2023.”

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