Apple pulls down all the betting ads from its App Store

Apple decides to include more advertisements on the page of App Store listings. Hence it is unlikely to please anyone but marketers, but how they did so raises concerns. 

Ads for questionable gambling apps swiftly took over the platform. It also started appearing in the “you may also like” part of regular apps, including at least one for managing gambling addiction.

Developers naturally check their product page frequently to make sure everything is okay. They noticed the issue nearly immediately after the upgrade earlier this week. Many of these recently generated ad spaces. These spaces were occupied by “online casinos” and sports or horse betting apps for a small but considerable amount of time, essentially October 25 night.

Apple removes iPhone App Store ads related to gambling after developers' criticism - Times of India

Regulations in Advertising 

Gambling is one of the most user-predatory categories on the App Store. Also, Apple takes a cut of the winnings and losses. It is already a contentious subject. 

Advertising the practice needs to be closely regulated. Because it is either highly regulated or outright outlawed in many nations or regions. It is a little uncomfortable that it is being given prime real estate on Apple’s platform immediately.

These, however, are more than simply a technique to avoid going to the bookmaker. It is much unscrupulous shovelware that reputable developers would never want to be associated with. Unexpectedly, a janky virtual casino appeared for their game or application at the bottom of the page. 

The “Jackpot World” advertisement for RecoverMe has to be the most egregious example. “Jackpot World” is a slot game. Also, RecoverMe is a gambling addiction support app. Imagine receiving a meth advertisement while looking for a rehab facility.

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Apple pulls gambling ads from App Store product pages following backlash | Engadget

Thanks to Apple for Banning Gambling Advertisements

Thankfully, Apple kept an eye on the chaos on Twitter and other platforms. Hence on October 27, it banned gambling advertisements “and a few other categories” from these slots.

Of course, the drama is far from over. Even in the best-case scenario, developers feel they are applicable to tax effectively. Since if they don’t buy the ad for their app, their competition might. Deciding whether an advertisement is appropriate for its place is not an easy judgment to make.

Apple has made it evident that it wants to increase its advertising revenue. Despite being among the wealthiest and most successful businesses in the world. Google and other seasoned players in the advertising industry have dealt with similar scandals in the past. But Apple certainly faces a few more bumps on the road as it strives to increase its income flow.

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