Salman Rushdie lost vision in one eye, one arm had to incapacitated after attack

A published report has revealed some shocking revelations about Salman Rushdie health. Moreover, it states some things that Salman Rushdie’s agent said.

What happened to Salman Rushdie?

The author has lost the use of one hand and the sight in one eye. Moreover, he recovers from an attack by a man who rushed the stage at a literary event. Most importantly, this incident took place in western New York in August.

There was an article published on Saturday in the Spanish-language newspaper El Pais. Andrew Wylie said the attack left Rushdie with three severe wounds and 15 more injuries to his chest and torso. He is Rushdie’s literary agent. The episode also caused Rushdie to lose sight in one eye. Moreover, it made his one hand useless.

Author Salman Rushdie stabbed on stage in New York - News Band

What’s the controversy linked to?

Rushdie hid after Iran’s Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini called for his death in a fatwa in 1989. This was after the book The Satanic Verses came out. Moreover, some Muslims consider it blasphemous. Rushdie has been able to go where he wants for the past twenty years.

Hadi Matar is in jail after pleading not guilty to attempted murder and assault in the August 12 attack on Rushdie. He was introduced at the Chautauqua Institution. It is a rural centre 55 miles (89 kilometres) southwest of Buffalo, known for its summertime lecture series.

What happened to Salman Rushdie during the literary event?

Rushdie was taken to a hospital in Pennsylvania after the attack. He was put on a ventilator for a short time to help him recover. Moreover, Wylie told El Pais it was a “brutal attack” that cut nerves in one arm.

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Since 1989, when Salman Rushdie was threatened, there has been support for and discussion of free speech. “So you can’t protect against it because it comes out of nowhere and doesn’t make sense,” he said.

Salman Rushdie lost use of one eye, hand due to stabbing, says agent

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What did Wylie tell the newspaper?

Wylie told the newspaper that he couldn’t say if Rushdie were still in a hospital or where he was.”He will get better. That’s what’s important, “Wylie said.

Wylie told El Pais that the attack was what Rushie and his agent thought was the most significant threat. Moreover, It was a random person coming out of nowhere and attacking.

Wylie told the newspaper that it was like the murder of the Beatles, John Lennon. Was it just a resemblance to that incident, or was it planned like that?

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