George Clooney refers to his proposal to wife Amal as a total disaster

George Clooney called his marriage proposal to Amal a “disaster”. As she thought the 7-carat diamond ring belonged to one of his ex-girlfriends.

What did George Clooney mention in the interview?

On Friday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the actor told Drew Barrymore, “It was a disaster. I planned it, I planned the whole thing.”

“The ring is in a little drawer behind her, I made dinner. Moreover, we had only been dating for about six months.” The “Oceans Eleven” actor said he wanted Amal, 44, to grab something from the drawer. Moreover, the ring was, while his aunt Rosemary Clooney’s song “Why Shouldn’t I” played.

George Clooney says proposal to wife Amal was a 'disaster'

Why was the proposal disaster according George Clooney?

After a mistake, George Clooney said his proposal to his wife, Amal Clooney was a “disaster.” Things went downhill quickly when the lawyer found the ring. Moreover, he thought it belonged to one of Clooney’s ex-girlfriends.

He said, “She pulls this little drawer out, and there’s a diamond ring in there”. The Oscar winner said that Amal laughed when she saw the sparkler. The actor said that Amal thought the ring belonged to another woman.

“And she looks at it and says, “Uh, there’s a ring in there.” Like someone had put a ring there a long time ago. “And I’m like on my knee,” he joked, rolling his eyes. After the lawyer said, “Oh my God, Oh my God,” over and over for 20 minutes, she finally said, “yes.”

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George Clooney: Amal is the 'smart one' in our marriage | Page Six

Where did they celebrate all this?

George Clooney and his wife married in Italy in front of their closest friends and family just five months after the crazy proposal. They have two kids together.

The couple recently celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary in style. They have twins who are 5 years old, Ella and Alexander, and as first-time parents, they have made some “terrible mistakes.”

The A-list actor told CBS Mornings last month that his and his wife’s plan to teach their kids a second language didn’t work out. Before George Clooney popped the question, he and Amal had been dating for six months.

How did he feel about this?

“We made a terrible mistake,” the actor told host Gayle King. “They learned Italian from us.” “We don’t speak Italian, though. So, we gave them a language they could use to hurt us. And neither of us knows what they’re saying,” he joked, adding, “I’m from Kentucky. My second language is English.”

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