Silent Hill Return confirmed by Konami

According to EuroGamer, the eagerly awaited survival horror franchise is making a comeback after ten years. The forthcoming release of the game will excite fans of Silent Hill. This news was in a post from the official Twitter account Konami. 

New upgrades to the popular horror game are arriving this week. The Silent Hill Transmission will air on October 19 at 2:00 PM PDT. The official website of the franchise hosts the updates.

Konami will provide the most recent updates

Fans can expect Konami to present the latest Silent Hill franchise upgrades even though Konami has not revealed any details about what happens during the Silent Hill Transmission event.

The franchise’s future has been the subject of rumors for many years. The game publisher finally seems to have something fresh to offer to the fans who have been waiting for years. The Silent Hill series had its PlayStation debut in 1999. Although it gained a lot of popularity, the last new episode of the series was in 2012.

Konami introduced Silent Hills in 2014. It is a project by Kojima Productions. Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus are working on this together. The public anticipated the game’s release. Additionally, gamers and fans received considerable attention from its playable teaser (P.T.).

However, the game was scrapped due to a rumored dispute between Kojima and Konami. It prevented fans from downloading the P.T. as well. No new Silent Hill game has been created since that time. Despite the survival horror franchise Konami’s enormous success.

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On October 19, a Silent Hill transmission is scheduled

Masahiro Ito was the creator of the game’s original version. Masahiro retweeted the tweet from Silent Hill’s official Twitter account. Ito served as the game’s art director for the first three games. He also created a lot of the animals that appeared in the game.

Tech Times claims that rumors of the game’s revival began to spread in 2020. Ito, the original creator of the game, tweeted. He was working on a new project, which sparked suspicions. As a core member, he was working on a title. Ito expressed his optimism that he wouldn’t cancel the title. About that, he can’t yet tell you anything.

Fans have hoped that the survival horror game will return since Ito published the tweet. According to Video Games Chronicle, South Korea’s Game Rating Committee just gave the unreleased Silent Hill game. 

The game’s publisher stated as UNIANA, a business that frequently distributes Konami titles in the mentioned nation. Furthermore, Team Silent is reportedly working on other Silent Hill projects, according to film director Christophe Gans. The most significant indication, though, came directly from Konami, which acknowledged the much-awaited return of Silent Hill in a tweet. 

Stay tuned for further updates!

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