Glastonbury 2023 tickets priced announcement for this year

As soon as the announcement of the ticket prices for Glastonbury 2023, some people called for a boycott of the renowned Worthy Farm music event. The report of Glastonbury’s 2023 ticket prices has divided music lovers.

The event’s organizers have announced that tickets for the 2023 edition will cost £340 when they go on sale in early November. Standard tickets cost £335 plus a £5 booking fee. Also, the ticks are with a £50 deposit, and the whole balance is due by the first week of April.

What was the update about the pricing Last time?

The last time tickets were available to the general public. Thus the tickets cost £265 plus a £5 booking charge for the festival. It was to take place in 2020. But there was a postponement for two years due to the coronavirus epidemic. Tickets for the 2019 event cost £248. Additionally, the tickets had a £5 booking charge in 2018.

Glastonbury fans 'baffled' by price hike for 2023 tickets - Liverpool Echo

Comments by People on Twitter about Glastonbury 2023

People quickly turned to Twitter to express their opinions over the price increase. The hike shocked many people, and some even called for a boycott. Others, however, considered the live music experience well worth the money. 

The Glastonbury 2023 price increase is perplexing. They can jog on, tweet @amywott, and @archivesofjames, who added: “Was not going to try anyhow. But £340 for Glastonbury tickets. Wow.”

Glastonbury ticket prices are madness, wrote Twitter user @davejmcn. “He believes that everyone should not purchase any tickets. Do not genuinely try to get tickets; do not even consider trying; stay offline; depart, and leave the tickets alone.” 

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@RobMorley_ agreed and said that it is just too costly. The public ought to refrain from purchasing any tickets for the following year. It ought should discourage everyone from buying a ticket. You do not have to accept that cost.

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Though the other people concurred that Glastonbury was worth it, as both @stxn h and @Faymondo73 pointed out, Glastonbury ticket and coach prices have risen. But they are still planning to attend. Both expressed their hope that the price increase would discourage others from attending.

Finally, £340 was in total for a Glastonbury 2023 ticket. It is truly worth the money at double the price. Another user tweet was what looks to be a Glastonbury 2023 festival supporter account, @glastobation. Suppose you are anything like me, the fees associated with travelling across. The nation for a single job might occasionally be nearly that much.

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