Nivida delays launch of RTX 4080 after controversy

Although the RTX 4080 12GB is an excellent graphics card, its name is incorrect. It’s perplexing to have two GPUs with the 4080 designations. We are so hitting the 4080 12GB’s “relaunch” button. 

Thus the magnificent RTX 4080 16GB is expected to surprise gamers everywhere. In a fascinating new blog post, Nvidia effectively cancels its most divisive RTX 4000 product launch. Hence the post implies the renaming when it eventually reappears. 

New Ada Lovelace Architecture

The new Ada Lovelace architecture is the foundation for the RTX 4000 line of graphics cards. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed on September 20 made utilizing 4nm technology from TSMC. The company’s top GPU, the GeForce RTX 4090, made its debut a few days ago. The RTX 3090 and RTX 3090 Ti were the previous RTX 3000 flagship GPUs. They were praised for making a considerable generational advance over it, without a doubt. Also, it debuted in two very different Versions.

Nvidia caught with its pants down, will 'unlaunch' the 12GB RTX 4080

Details of RTX 4080 Model

 The quantity of onboard VRAM of the model had a unique core processor. Also, it had wildly varying amounts of CUDA code (compute power) and memory bandwidth. In reality, two different graphics cards were at two very different price points under the same name.

Specifications are one thing, but performance in the real world is quite another. Although no one has used the device, Nvidia’s benchmarks suggest. The performance gap between RTX 3080 and RTX 4080 wouldn’t even come close to matching. The improvement made by RTX 4090 over RTX 3090. 

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The Nvidia RTX 4080 GPU may not be launching this year after all | PC Gamer

Information by Nvidia

According to data released by Nvidia, the 12GB RTX 4080 occasionally outperformed the 3090 Ti and sometimes not, compared to the RTX 3080. The $699 price point of the RTX 3080 looked troublesome for the $899 RTX 3080 12GB in a world where a new GPU series typically gives. 

More power for your money even though the value appeared reasonable against the RTX 3080 Ti upwards. Even while the price is still on the high side, the performance figures for the 16GB model seem to be. A little better-at least here, there is clear water between the generations.

Nvidia chose to delay and possibly rename the RTX 4080 12GB since the release was under pressure from several factors. Slowing and changing the name of the RTX 4080 12GB is the best course of action for Nvidia in light of this. It challenges concerns while emphasizing the forthcoming RTX 4080 16GB release. 

Release Date of RTX 4080

The ‘one true’ RTX 4080 will officially launch on November 16. But rivalry in the graphics market may escalate in the interim. On November 3, AMD will unveil its new RDNA 3 graphics devices. 

The Radeon team will also benefit from new process technology and a move toward chiplet technology. It has served AMD so well in the CPU area. Though Nvidia is a formidable rival, Team Red has a chance to stand out in this situation. 

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