iPadOS 16 to hit iPads in a few weeks time

In June 2022, Apple showed off iPad 16, the new version of the iPad’s operating system. iPadOS 16 brings the Weather app to iPad for the first time. It also adds new features for working together and updates apps like Notes, Mail, and Messages.

Moreover, it has many “pro” features, such as a new way to switch between apps, zoom the screen, and much more.

What can all desktop apps be seen in this new iPadOS?

Desktop-class apps give apps like Calendar and Mail new features that work well with the iPad’s screen. They also have more advanced system elements and interactions, such as a consistent undo and redo experience, customizable toolbars, and more.

iPadOS 16 has several “pro” features that are only available on iPads with the M1, A12X, or A12Z chips. Reference Mode lets the iPad meet the exact needs of colour workflows, and virtual memory swap lets apps use more memory.

iPadOS 16: Everything We Know | MacRumors

A glimpse of Improvements for Users

There are improvements to the Podcasts app that are only available on the iPad. Additionally, this allows developers to add support for audio and hardware devices connected to the iPad.

Also, iPadOS 16 gets most of the new features and improvements with iOS 16. These include new ways to work together in Messages and shared Tab Groups in Safari. Mail, iCloud Shared Photo Library, Live Text, and other apps have been changed.

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How to get iPadOS 16 and put it on your iPad?

iPadOS 16 is currently in beta testing, which gives Apple time to fix any bugs and make the update as good as possible. It also gives developers time to get their apps ready. Developers and public beta testers with compatible devices can get iPadOS 16 right now.

Most people won’t be able to get the update until later this year. When it comes out in October, compatible iPads will be able to update to iPadOS 16.

Apple may not roll out iPadOS 16 until October; here's why | The Financial Express

What about the Current Version?

Apple has given developers and public beta testers five beta versions of iPadOS 16.1.

When iPadOS 16.1 beta 1 came out, Apple confirmed that iPadOS 16 would come out in the fall after iOS 16. However, it is later than in previous years. Apple has decided to put off the release of iPadOS 16 so that it can keep fixing bugs and other problems with Stage Manager.

With beta 4, Apple said iPads with an A12X or A12Z chip would also get Stage Manager.

New sorting options have been added to Reminders, and the News app now has sports-specific features. iCloud Shared Photo Library is a simple way for family members to share a group of photos. Moreover, it also improves photo editing, albums, and Memories. Live Text, Visual Look Up, Spatial Audio, and other features have also been greatly improved.

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