Madonna drops hint that she’s gay in a tiktok video

On October 9, pop singer Madonna released a new video in which she made a homophobic slur. The singer creates the mood for the video in a restroom while attempting to toss a pair of bright pink underwear into the garbage. Though she utterly fails at it.

“If I miss, I’m homosexual,” the video’s caption read. Madonna had previously kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Hence it is at the 2003 MTV Footage Music Awards.

Claim on New Music Video by Madonna

Madonna's Latest Reinvention Of Herself Is … Coming Out As Gay? | The Daily Caller

Madonna expresses remorse over her marriage in her new music video, Old Auntie at the Club. She claims that sex is her current preoccupation. Madonna, 64, has faced backlash for her obscene video with rapper Tokischa, 26.

Material Girl wore a dress

The Material Girl hitmaker was in the video sporting gently curling bright pink hair and a sensual white bustier over a white t-shirt. She wore baggy white jeans. A layer of bangles and chains in silver and gold made the singer seem stunning. She previously uploaded photos of herself kissing two women in the back of a car while celebrating her 64th birthday.

Madonna Relation with Other Women 

When she and Dominican rapper Tokischa were groping and kissing on stage while performing her 2005 smash song Hung Up, Madonna was also made fun of for her scandalous conduct. Further, this fun was after her passionate kissing with 26-year-old rapper Tokischa. 

After three years with dancer Ahlamalik Williams, 28, the mother of six is now dating Andrew Darnell, 23. The Like A Virgin icon was reportedly embracing and snuggling with him.

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She promptly said, “Get married,” during a choice she had previously made that had not been such a good one. Both instances! She was referring to her previous unions with Guy Ritchie, 53, and Sean Penn, 62, whom she was with from 2000 to 2008.

We adore a lesbian queen

An immediate response was there for the video on the internet, and some people even assumed that she was gay. Moreover, someone posted that Madonna would do anything to be current and in the public eye. After a year in London, she developed an English accent. 

A different user alleged, “Didn’t she debut around thirty years ago? She kissed numerous women over her career and frequently expressed her admiration for women, so why is this news? Madonna is openly bisexual. It isn’t new, said one of the tweets. A user wrote, “2004 is greeting you. But a supporter remarked, “We love a lesbian queen.”

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