Top 12 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Teams in the World Today

The world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the esports industry is growing, and we’re seeing more people turn to this growing industry. It has even grown, and the good thing is that more fans are joining the group, with sports betting sites offering CSGO betting to those that want to win extra money.

The competition is fierce, and we see different teams dominating the various tournaments every year. This year, we have some teams that have been maintaining top performances. And as we get close to the end of the year, we want to look at the top 12 teams performing at a high level in various CSGO competitions.

These teams have impressive CSGO odds that you can bet on, and they are usually the teams with the highest chances of winning the tournament. Let’s get into the teams to check them out.

NaVi (Natus Vincere)

NaVi or Natus Vincere, translated as born to win, is a top CSGO team today. The team was founded in 2009, and since then, they’ve risen to the top of the CSGO world to give us some memorable moments. Today, they are one of the top 12 esports teams, and CSGO is one of their genres.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan is one of the best brands in the esports world. The team is represented in different esports competitions, with CSGO being one of the top genres. The Clan has some impressive players representing them in professional esports competitions. Some notable names in the FaZe Clan’s CSGO roster include Twistzz, Karrigan, Ropz, and Olofmeister.

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Founded in 2013, Cloud 9 has worked its way up to one of the best teams in the esports industry and has since become one of the top teams dominating the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world. As a result, many CSGO betting sites have started to add them to their top predictions list.


Astralis is one of the top esports organizations in Denmark, and they’ve risen to become one of the best teams in the CSGO world. They’ve continued to impress and are one of the top teams you would expect to compete for the trophy whenever they participate in a CSGO event or any other esports competition.


Another European esports team bossing the CSGO world is Mousesports, also known as MOUZ. They are a collection of professional esports gaming teams based in Hamburg. The organization has teams representing various events and esports. They’ve risen to one of the top spots in the CSGO rankings.

Movistar Riders

Movistar Riders is a top team that we’ve seen take the world by storm. They’ve continued to surpass expectations. The Spanish team was created in 2017, and in a few years, they’ve made their way to the list of top teams and continue to rise. If they continue on this trajectory, they might contend for the best in the world position.


Team Vitality is another team on our top 12 list. The team was created in 2018, and in less than four years, they’ve become one of the best in the world. The team continues to provide impressive results over the years. They’ve tried to increase their skills and pushed for a better finish in the various CSGO competitions.

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Team Liquid

Team Liquid is one of the world’s oldest professional esports gaming organizations. They were created in 2000 in the Netherlands and have continued to give us some impressive runs over the years. Team Liquid remains one of the best teams in the CSGO world, and we would continue to expect them to perform at a high level.

NiP (Ninjas in Pyjamas)

Ninjas in Pyjamas, or NiP, is one of the budding teams in the CSGO world today. The team has been around since 2000. The Swedish esports organization continues to offer fans some exciting moments in the CSGO world. And we can say they are part of the top teams we can look forward to.


FURIA is a Brazilian esports organization that was created in 2017. Since it entered the market, it has become one of the best teams worldwide. The South American team continues to serve their fans exciting moments. We expect them to keep improving, possibly winning more titles in the CSGO world.


BIG is one of the top esports organizations in Germany. The BIG is short for Berlin International Gaming, and it is one of the top teams on our list. They’ve dominated different CSGO tournaments and provided some exciting moments in the industry. We expect them to keep growing.


The final name on our list is ENCE. It is a top Finnish esports organization created in 2013. The team has been among some of the best teams in the CSGO world. They continue to grow, and we look forward to how they compete in the coming tournaments.

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