Pete Wicks said he was ‘truly gutted’ to be medically withdrawn from Celebrity SAS

Pete Wicks admitted that he left Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. Moreover, it is due to a broken rib during a challenge.

In the terrifying footage on September 11, the Only Way Is Essex star was floating face down in the water. Hence it is after participating in a helo-cast exercise with reality personality Ashley Cain and diving from a helicopter. Then the rescue swimmers swam to the 33-year-old and flipped him over in the water.

The Consequences Happened to Wicks

TOWIE star Pete Wicks leaves Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins | Echo

Pete Wick told a doctor that he had winded himself and passed out after he reached the land. Also, his ribs were very painful, and his head was thumping. The strangest thing, he subsequently admitted, was that he had no concerns about the challenge. 

Wicks needed a chest x-ray after his injury. So the senior medical officer of the show medically removed him. The concern is that Wick has some damage, the course will get a lot harder physically, and it’s very unsafe for his health, said Rudy Reyes. Rudy was the new chief instructor.

Remarks From Pete Wick

Wicks remarked, dabbing at his eyes, “he didn’t want to come out like this. At least it feels like he hasn’t f****** quit anything.” After Love Island winner Amber Gill left the competition. Further, it was after failing to complete a physical task on the beach. Also, Wicks was the second recruit to drop out of the program.

Wicks admitted after the performance, “He broke up during an issue for him since he has always wanted to be on this show. And it was the worst thing that could have happened. Because it’s something with no control.”

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“But, to be honest, they’re correct since he couldn’t have continued with my damaged ribs. He left so soon because it was a failure. Unfortunately, he now feels like he failed, which is awful.”

Declaration of Wicks

Wicks declared that if given a second chance to perform, he would do the act again the following day. It was something that would forever haunt him. He believes that there are numerous events depicted in that show that would have improved me personally.

Everyone who participated in it claimed to have changed as a result. The fact of not getting the chance for that makes him sadder than anything else. After only a few days, he felt he was starting to grasp more about himself.

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