All you need to know about iOS 16; App updates and more

Apple provided a glimpse of the iOS 16 operating system for the iPhone in June 2022. The ability to edit and delete messages, enhanced Focus modes, an iCloud Shared Photos Library for families, and significant app updates. Hence it includes Mail, Home, Wallet, and much more in iOS 16.

Redesign of Lock Screen

iOS 16 completely redesigns the Lock Screen. Moreover, it is with numerous settings for widgets, typefaces, a multilayered effect for photos, and moving wallpapers.

Thus the new Lock Screen design is incredibly configurable. Users can design a variety of lock screens that connect to focus modes. 

Notifications now appear from the bottom of the screen, which makes them less invasive. 

Live Activities enable users to follow ongoing activities. Additionally, it includes workouts or sporting events, in real-time, from the Lock Screen. 

Focus modes upgrades with focus filters, a more straightforward setup, connection to unique Apple Watch faces and lock screens, and additional configuration choices.

Upgrade on Message

With the ability to edit or delete messages, designate messages as unread, and begin a SharePlay session. Also, the Messages app has undergone substantial upgrades. 

You can smoothly transfer FaceTime calls from one device to another. And the brand-new Freeform software offers a platform for teamwork on a virtual whiteboard.

Mail App Update

The Mail app now offers additional capabilities for scheduling emails. Also, it includes stopping delivery and receiving follow-up reminders. At the same time, Search has undergone a complete overhaul.

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Fitness App Update

The Fitness app is now accessible to users without an Apple Watch. And the Health app also has new tools for medications. Additionally, the Home app was revamped entirely and re-engineered. And passkeys and shared tab groups are now available in Safari.

Maps and News App Update

There are updated transport card integration and multi-stop routing in the Maps app., new sorting options in Notes and Reminders, and sports-specific features in the News app. 

Along with enhancements to photo editing, iCloud Shared Photo Library offers a practical way to share a collection of pictures.

Wallet App Update

While the Wallet app offers new features to track deliveries and transactions, verify using digital ID, and distribute digital vital cards. Apple Pay Later is a new payment option for Apple Pay goods in fee-free installments. Live Text, Visual Look Up, Dictation, Siri Shortcuts, Spatial Audio, and other features also significantly enhance.

Compatibility of iPhone

iOS 16 is compatible with iPhones eight and newer. A beta version of the upgrade is currently available to developers and public beta testers. The official launch of iOS 16 will be in September.

Features of iOS 16

Hence the features in iOS 16 are Widgets and lock screen customization, Live Activities and Focus Filters, and a shared photo library on iCloud. 

Also, Using shared tab groups and passkeys, Enhancements to Live Text, Visual Look Up, and Dictation. Furthermore, Messages, Mail, Home, Health, Wallet, Maps, and other updates are updated.

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