EastEnders will honour the life of stalwart June Brown in a special episode

Iconic actress June Brown died at her home at 95 in April 2022. Since then, the team at EastEnders have been working on the viewers to say a last goodbye to Dot. The team will say their final farewells to Dot Branning in a special episode. The BBC has confirmed this special episode will mark the passing of EastEnders stalwart June Brown.

What’s so iconic about the actress?

Most importantly, Brown became a cultural staple for her long-running portrayal as the incomparable Dot Branning. She was best known as Dot Cotton, the character’s former married name – giving Walford one of its best-loved and most remembered individuals. The actress who played the chain-smoking hypochondriac Dot for over 30 years. In a special EastEnders episode this winter, Dot’s family and friends will come together to say their final farewells at her burial. 

 The BBC informed them that her funeral would be held in Walford per Dot’s desires. This will take place in the presence of her family and friends, giving her the send-off she deserves.

EastEnders stalwart June Brown made OBE at 94

What are the statements from her friends?

Executive producer Chris Clenshaw said: “Everyone at EastEnders was incredibly heartbroken when June passed away earlier this year”. No one could even think of saying goodbye to Dot. She was an iconic character who will go down in television history and be adored forever.

June was always insistent that she never wanted Dot’s time to end while she was still with us. However, she also knew EastEnders would say farewells to Dot when the time was right.

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Sadly, the time has come to pay the due homage she deserves.

“So whilst it will be a very, very sad day in Walford, we will be giving Dot the send-off that she and June would want and properly deserve.”

When did she debut in EastEnders?

As Dot, Brown initially debuted in Albert Square in EastEnders’ 40th episode in 1985. It was a role that would come to define her.

Moreover, She became the first EastEnders actor to carry a full episode single-handedly in 2008. She dictated her life narrative onto a cassette tape for him to listen to while her husband was in the hospital recovering from a stroke.

Firstly, Brown was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his contributions to the performing arts and charitable causes. Secondly, She was even a part of the New Year’s Honours list issued by Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom, in December 2021. Lastly, In 2008, she received an MBE for contributing to the performing arts and charity.

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