Instagram precise location debunked: Here’s how and why you should be turning it off

The Data stored in apps is a growing concern for people who are active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instagram Precise Location feature is the latest concern. To sign up for these apps you have to share personal information like names, addresses, and emails and even agree to allow the app to access your location.

This week people on Instagram have been sharing the same post expressing their concerns over the new precise location feature which allows the app to see your exact whereabouts.

Instagram says viral claims suggesting location tags on content can reveal users’ exact locations are false.

What is a Precise Location Feature?

Instagram added this feature which shares your exact coordinates, not just your general location. This means it will track your location and share it with Instagram. The app is able to see you move from different points throughout the day.

The setting is automatically enabled for users on apps given permission to access their location.

For apps where the precise location is turned off, only an approximate location will be identified and used.

How does it work on Instagram?

Some of the viral posts said that due to a new iOS or Instagram update, people can find your exact location when sharing your location on posts or Stories.

They also said if users were to post a general location of a city, people would still be able to see exactly where you are as a pin on a map.

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Viral TikToks and memes are urging users to turn precise location off for Instagram immediately.

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri quote-tweeted Instagram’s response. He replies that location services are a device setting on phones and not a new Instagram feature.

“We don’t share your location with other people,” he added.

Here’s how to turn off your precise location on Instagram

Right now this feature only seems to be available for iPhone users, so here’s how to turn it off on your iPhone.

1. Go into your settings app, not through Instagram settings

2. Scroll down to Instagram

3. Tap location

4. Swipe the precise location button and turn it off

You can also change location to never be shared, only when asked when you next share or only whilst using the app.

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