Instagram tries to adopt new features from the BeReal app

Replication is the ultimate compliment in the social media environment of today. It appears that BeReal is a new app. The latest to receive attention and numerous compliments as a result.

What exactly is BeReal?

BeReal is built on a randomly generated prompt. It is issued to every user at a different time each day. It asks them to share what they’re up to and gives them a 2-minute window in which to do so. The app is hailed as the most recent rejection of carefully curated content. It is a heavily edited social media profile as the immediacy of sharing renders. It is impossible to curate your appearance significantly.

The Growth in Downloads of BeReal

According to news source analysis, BeReal has now amassed more than 10 million downloads. It has shown substantial growth in 2022. “BeReal alone got 3.3 million downloads globally in Q1 2022, up 390% from Q4 2021.”

Why is Instagram skulling around BeReal?

Instagram is now skulking around BeReal’s flanks and seeking methods to use. Its major components are to counteract the app’s rise and improve performance. Instagram just introduced a new dual camera mode. It lets users use both the front and back cameras on their phones. Many people have pointed out a striking user interface similar to BeReal’s. Instagram is now testing a new feature that is reminiscent of BeReal.

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Instagram's latest feature copies "anti-Instagram" app BeReal - DIY PhotographyNew Feature on Instagram

QR Code to Post

Instagram is developing a new feature that would let you add a QR code to your posts. Other users would then be able to scan to know where exactly you are at any given time on a map. When you combine that with your dual camera upload, you’re essentially copying BeReal’s map capability. It lets users tell their friends where they are when they make a BeReal update.

What is the fault in the System?

It seems problematic considering that, according to the functionality now in use. As depicted in this graphic, you would theoretically be able to share this information publicly. There may be a way for Instagram to incorporate this as a restriction. It is that users don’t accidentally broadcast their home address to the internet. The idea is that you would only share your location information with your connections.

Instagram tests prototype for BeReal copycat feature

BeReal an Inspiration to Instagram

Kids are foolish, despite their best effort. They will post their whereabouts for everyone to see if they can. Instagram will need to exercise caution in this area. But once more, it appears that BeReal is quickly becoming another inspiration for Instagram’s product team. It follows its standard strategy of attempting to eliminate competitors by undermining its apps’ distinctive selling points.


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