Will Smith is back in talks with Netflix for a tell-all biopic after apologizing for the Rock Slap at the Oscars

The 57-year-old comedian and the 53-year-old Academy Award winner allegedly got into a brutal physical battle. It ended the discussions the two were having about making a movie about his life. A source reported on August 19 that at least one significant company is now willing to work with Smith. According to one insider, Will was dropped by Netflix and Apple TV+ after the smack. 

Discussion of New Works 

He afterward apologized and took a long break from the spotlight. In light of this, it is generally agreed that enough time has passed for the matter to be resolved. Weeks after apologizing, Will Smith is reportedly back in talks with Netflix about a biography. 

Smith smacked Rock on March 27 at the 94th Academy Awards; it went viral. According to the source, the slap is a turning point in Will’s life and will figure into his life story. Netflix is interested in participating in these discussions. Will’s team is confident that Apple will do the same. 

As Will saw in Malibu last week, the terrible event involving Rock will come up in the conversation. On July 29, Smith apologized to Rock again. Will admits that his former pal hadn’t yet forgotten about the time he smacked him during the Oscars.

Will Feels Sorry!

Smith claimed that he had come to understand how many people were injured by Rock’s on-stage punch. It is after spending the previous three months working on himself. Will admitted that he feels sorry. He also said that he would be available for discussion. 

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He also apologized to his entire family. It includes Rock’s mother and younger brother Tony. He stated Jada Pinkett Smith, whose honor he claimed to be defending with the outburst. He also received an apology from him, and he stated she had nothing to do with it. 

On August 20, the actor shared a video on Instagram. There he claimed to have been baffled throughout Chris Rock’s victory speech, but he made no apologies. 

 Will Smith’s Wife Statement

Jada Pinkett Smith, Smith’s wife, disclosed that she had shaved her head. It is since she suffered from alopecia. Rock made light of the fact that she resembled GI Jane while performing. 

Jada said, “She won’t attempt to unravel anything now, but she can assure you that she does not believe that what she did at the time was the appropriate course of action.”  

Will’s Reactions 

Smith stormed the stage, yelling, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.” It is before slapping Rock. He later won Best Actor that night, even though he didn’t apologize to Rock for it. 


In March, Smith apologized to Rock for the first time. He wrote a lengthy Instagram message that condemned violence in all its manifestations.

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