US First Lady Jill Biden Tests Positive For Covid

Just over a week after her husband President Joe Biden returned to public activities following infection with the virus, First Lady Jill Biden tested positive for the Covid virus.

The first lady’s communications director, Elizabeth Alexander, issued the following statement: “After testing negative for COVID-19 on Monday at her routine testing regimen, the First Lady started experiencing cold-like symptoms late in the evening. A PCR test revealed a positive result even though she tested negative once more on a fast antigen test.

US First Lady Jill Biden Tests Positive For Covid

The first lady has been administered a course of Paxlovid, according to Alexander, and is showing “only mild symptoms.” She stated that close contacts will be informed and that Biden will isolate from others for at least five days.

“She is currently residing in a private home in South Carolina and will come home as soon as she receives two consecutive COVID test results that are negative.” The White House reported that the president had a negative viral test on Tuesday morning but would need to stay indoors for 10 days while donning a mask.

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On Tuesday, he intends to travel back to Washington for the afternoon signing of Democrats’ historic legislation on climate change and health care before heading to his residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

On August 7, he recovered from the illness after contracting it again.

The White House stated that because he is a close friend of the First Lady, “he will mask for 10 days when indoors and in close proximity to others.” It promised to speed up the president’s testing schedule and provide the results.

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US First Lady Jill Biden Tests Positive For Covid

On July 21, President Biden originally tested positive for COVID-19. He isolated while taking a Paxlovid course, and on July 27 he eventually tested negative. He had a rebound case, which happens to some persons taking Paxlovid, and on July 30 he tested positive for the virus once more. On August 7, after testing negative for two straight days, he was placed in isolation and subsequently left the White House. During that time, he didn’t see the first lady.

Since last Wednesday, the Bidens have been spending time with their family on the resort island close to Charleston, including son Hunter, his wife Melissa, and their son Beau. On nearby John’s Island on Saturday, they attended Mass, and on the beach on Sunday, they rode bicycles. On Sunday, the first lady went alone to a few neighborhood stores.
Since the President took office, Jill Biden has actively urged Covid-19 vaccines.

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She has visited 40 states, many of which were for Covid-related occasions where she spoke about vaccinations, reopening strategies, and the value of booster injections. She crisscrossed the southern United States for many days last summer, appealing to Americans to get their immunizations.

“People don’t believe they will be impacted, and I want to emphasize that. When they believe it won’t happen to them, it does, and it’s already too late. They shouldn’t regard their health as a given, “While promoting vaccinations in Savannah, Georgia, she said to CNN in an interview last July.

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