Iraqi actress Enas Taleb files a lawsuit in the UK over a picture that was used in a story on obesity.

Enas Taleb Takes legal action, By publishing her photo in a story about obesity among Arab women, Enas Taleb challenged a British newspaper.

One of the most well-known actors in Iraq, it seems, is Enas Taleb.
In response to the story, which was posted online at the end of July, Enas is filing a lawsuit.

The main image of the article, which highlights the obese gender gap in the Middle East and North Africa, is a photo of Taleb taken at Iraq’s major cultural festival, the Babylon Festival, from the previous year.

Enas Taleb Takes legal action

Enas Taleb Takes legal action

A well-known TV personality with nine million Instagram followers, Taleb, 42, has acted in a number of Iraqi dramas and hosts talk shows.

The actress Taleb posted a video of her lawyer, Samantha Kane, on Instagram on Wednesday. In the video, Kane claimed to be representing Taleb in a “defamation situation” and to have “sent a letter of reclamation on behalf of my client requesting an apology for substantial harm.” Kane made no reference to monetary losses.

Taleb claimed in an interview published on Tuesday in New/Lines Magazine that she was looking for “compensation for the emotional, mental, and social damage I have endured from this act. I’m planning the following steps with my legal team.”

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Economist, The essay in question discussed the health hazards of obesity and made the case that Arab women are more likely than males to be overweight due to poverty, a lack of access to sports or passive exercise, and cultural prohibitions on leaving their homes. A statement regarding the actress said, “Iraqis frequently quote Anas Taleb as a role model.” It also listed another reason mentioned by some women as to why males like them to be on the rounder side. She has enough curves of beauty and is an actress.

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The article, according to Taleb, was “an insult to Arab women in general and Iraqi women in particular,” the BBC reports. Taleb questioned why the magazine “takes an interest in overweight women in the Arab world and not in Europe or the United States.”

Enas Taleb Takes legal action

The headline was criticized on Twitter as well by users, including Kim Ghattas of the Atlantic, who called it “sexist misogynistic orientalist.”

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On Monday, Taleb made an appearance on Dubai’s Al Arabiya TV, where she said that the article’s use of the photograph was “a great insult” to Arab women in general and Iraqi women in particular. She also claimed that the image was outdated and taken out of context.

The audience has adored me for a long time, Taleb also told New Lines. It was sad to discover how unimportant all of my accomplishments were to an international publication. To me, what matters most is that I will be healthy and content with how I appear.

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