Twitter vs Elon Musk: Elon Musk; dares CEO Parag Agrawal to prove spambot claims

Twitter vs Elon Musk is still going on, Tesla CEO has said that the Twitter deal will go through if the micro-blogging could provide details regarding the method that it uses to sample 100 accounts and confirm that the accounts are real.

Before heading to the Court, Elon Musk wants to meet on the debate stage with CEO Parag Aggarwal. Elon wants an explanation of the number of bot accounts on its platform. Bots, or fake accounts, are one of the reasons Musk’s legal team claims he can back out of his agreement to purchase Twitter for $44 billion.

 Elon Musk has challenged the platform`s CEO Parag Agrawal to have a public debate on fake accounts and spam.

“If Twitter simply provides their method of sampling 100 accounts and how they’re confirmed to be real, the deal should proceed on original terms,” Musk wrote in a post responding to a post by security researcher Andrea Stroppa on Twitter’s SEC filing.

“However, if it turns out that their SEC filings are materially false, then it should not,” he added.

After that, Elon Musk started a Public Poll:

“Let him prove to the public that Twitter has <5% fake or spam daily users!” he added.

Later that day, Musk opened a Twitter poll asking his 102 million followers to vote whether bot accounts on the platform were less than 5 percent of its user base. With the only two choices being “Yes” and “Lmaooo no,” the latter won with nearly 65 percent of the vote and 822,000 users participating.

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 Twitter vs Elon Musk: Twitter has defended itself from Musk’s accusations in court filings

In documents shared online by Twitter Chairman Bret Taylor last week, the company said Musk did not ask for “any representations” regarding false or spam accounts on the network when he offered to buy the platform, nor did they provide a number. They also claimed Musk did not attempt to verify the number of fake accounts before agreeing to the April merger.

According to Twitter, Musk is focusing on the fake accounts to “escape a merger agreement that Musk no longer found attractive.”

Twitter has labeled Musk’s demands “implausible and contrary to fact.”

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