Android 13 vs Android 12 Comparison | Is the new version worth to update

Android 13 vs Android 12. Which one is better? For which version we should go with? If such questions bothering you, continue reading our post

Android 13 is landing between us in just a few weeks. People have already started speculating the difference between the two. Some say that Android 13 is not bringing any new features. This creates a situation of confusion among users. To make things clear, we have created a post with a detailed comparison between Android 12 and Android 13. We promise, by the end of the post, you will be able to find whether the new version is worth to install or not.

Android 13 vs Android 12: Detailed Comparison

Get annoyed by unwanted notifications from apps?

Then Switch to Android 13. Android 13 is bringing a new feature of Notification Prompts that is not available in Android 12.

Notification Prompt Feature

You will now get a prompt asking you if you want to receive notifications from an app that you have installed. This feature is exciting in that you no longer have to receive unwanted notifications from apps of your choice, making it a less annoying user experience.

Notification Panel Design

The Upcoming new Android version will arrive with slight changes in the design of the notification panel. It is not a significant change but makes the usage comparatively easy. Power and settings buttons that are normally positioned under the tiles have now been moved to the lower portion of the screen, to the bottom right corner. The look of the notification panel becomes attractive. There are also newly added animations and slight UI improvements. Android 13 vs Android 12- till now Android 13 wins!

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New Split Screen Method

In Android 12, we need to find out the Split screen option from the recent menu by tapping the app icon. Android 13 simplifies this process. You can now simply long press on notifications and drag them down to get into the split view. This method makes the Android experience much more enjoyable and simpler to use. You no longer have to interrupt your process on an app to open up another!

App Specific Language

The system language is always considered the default language of your apps. If you want to change the language of the app, there is no way to do that unless the app provides a specific option for you.

Well, the new beta version solves this problem. With the new beta update, you can easily set all kinds of different languages for many apps. However, the apps should support this feature. And you will be surprised to know that almost every app supported this feature.

Media Card Design

Media controls in the notification panel get some changes. With the updated design, it is now larger and uses a photo of the song that is on play rather than a solid color. It is more in tune with the notification panel design and actually looks aesthetically pleasing.

Android 13 vs Android 12- Conclusion

When we compare Android 13 vs Android 12, Android 13 is leading. Android 12 is not an old version. We can say that Android 12 is centered around introducing some major new customization options in the form of Material You, Android 13 is a smaller update that takes those features a little further in the form of app icon themes and preset UI color variants. If you want to take a hand on Android 13 then you must check the list of eligible devices

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Final Words

Well, this is all about Android 13 vs Android 12. We can say that Android 13 is the enhanced version of Android 12 that makes working easier and more exciting. There are other changes that Android 13 is going to bring with it. Thus we can say it is completely worth moving to the next Android version.

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