Uzaki Chan Season 2 Release Date Officially Confirmed for 2022

Uzaki Chan Season 2 has been announced and the release date has been confirmed for 2022 but the exact release date is not yet revealed.


A Japanese series, written by Taking. This manga series was collected in five Tankabon volumes by Fujimi Shobo, in July 2020. The protagonist of this series is a college-going girl Hana Uzaki. She meets Sakurai who was her upperclassman in high school. Both of them didn’t sit well thus the hilarious chain of events takes place in Sakurai’s life.

About Uzaki Chan

In Season 1, “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” acquainted us with Shinichi Sakurai, a school maverick, and his underclasswoman Hana Uzaki (by means of Funimation). They were old secondary school companions who just so ended up going to a similar school.

Hana made it her main goal to rescue Shinichi once again from his shell, causing Shinichi a deep sense of’s shame, and the two became incredible companions as a result. Uzaki Chan Season 2 will keep on following the heroes from the two series, especially as they battle with their actual affections for each other. A considerable lot of the Season 1 supporting characters will return.

They incorporate Shinichi’s companion Itsuhiko Sakaki and bistro worker Ami Asai. Last season, Itsuhiko and Ami teamed up to unite Hana and Shinichi sincerely. We can anticipate that the two should keep chipping away at their relationship in Season 2.

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Uzaki Chan Season 2 Release Date Officially Confirmed for 2022

We might see a greater amount of Hana’s family movement in the impending season’s personality presentations. Tsuki Uzaki, Hana’s mom, was presented in the past season, while Kiri Uzaki, Hana’s more youthful sibling, showed up in the season finale. As per one of the significant visuals highlighted on the authority liveliness site, Hana’s more youthful sister Yunagi Uzaki will make her presentation in Season 2.

The person should be visible behind the scenes, through her bangs-covered eyes, watching her senior sister and Shinichi. Hana’s dad Fujio Uzaki might join her siblings and mom in the anime series, making it a genuine family get-together.

Uzaki Chan Season 2 Release Date 

Season 1 of the series was released in September 2020. Moreover, the release of the second season was claimed to aired just after the end of season 1. For now, the official notice of the release of Uzaki Chan Season 2 is announced for 2022 but the dates are yet not decided.

At present, the exact Uzaki Chan Season 2 release date hasn’t been confirmed. But we do know that season 2 is coming in 2022 from the trailer.

In the trailer, we can Uzaki announces to go back to her Senpai. Furthermore, we see  Sakurai confessing to Uzaki and a new character in season 2 can also be seen to add a little bit of spice.

Uzaki-chan waAsobitai is licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment. Season 1 grabbed a large audience. The fans were waiting for Season 2 to stream. Finally, the wait is over as the official notice says that it will release in 2021. Season 1 had 12 episodes, we can expect at least 12 fun episodes of Season 2 as well.

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However, The manga series ranked among the Top 20 web manga list Da Vinci Magazine and Niconico’s Tsugi in Kuru Manga Awards in 2018.

Uzaki Chan Season 2 Release Countdown


Uzaki Chan Season 2 Release Date Prediction

Starting around the last update, ENGI or any organization connected with the creation of the anime has not revealed the exact release date of Uzaki Chan Season 2. Notwithstanding, the authority Twitter account has declared that Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out! Season 2 has been greenlit for the creation and the subsequent season is turning out in 2022.


Meanwhile, it’s feasible to conjecture about when the Uzaki-chan Season 2 release date will happen from now on.

The greatest issue is that the anime has nearly found manga. Luckily, there will be enough manga parts accessible by mid-2022, despite the fact that it’s conceivable the subsequent season could depend on more anime unique substance to fill in the hole.

Since the time span for the spin-off was not affirmed in March 2022, that standard out Spring 2022. Consequently, the Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! W delivery date will be in Summer or Fall 2022, albeit the last option appears to be more probable.

Know More About the Main Character of Uzaki Chan Season 2

Hana Uzaki

Hana Uzaki is the main female protagonist of the Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! series.

Hana Uzaki
Hana Uzaki

Hana’s fiery character, sure, bright, and perky jokes frequently irritated and humiliated her senpai, Shinichi.

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During her High School years, she was considerably more held and timid around individuals (particularly Sakurai) than she is today. Her prodding and fiery current character just appear to have formed after she got into school.

Shinichi Sakurai

Shinichi Sakurai is the main protagonist of the Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! series.

Shinichi Sakurai

Shinichi is thoughtful, appreciates harmony and calm, and likes to be without anyone else despite the fact that he does home base with Sakaki. He appreciates playing computer games with either himself or with Hana. In spite of the fact that Shinichi likes to be let be, notwithstanding his protests, he frequently winds up spending time with Hana.

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