Dylan MacDonald: Everything About Norm Macdonald’s Son

Hey, are you searching to know about Dylan MacDonald? Or in confusion why everybody is searching for Dylan MacDonald? Well, whatever is the reason for you to know about him, here is the catch-up for you. Go ahead and know more details.

Who is Dylan MacDonald?

Dylan is an American citizen, and he is the only son of Canadian stand-up comedians, Norm MacDonald and Connie. Norm died recently in September 2021, at 61 years while battling cancer.

Norm surviving with cancer for the past ten years. But he had not revealed it to his fans. He always kept his personal life private. The sudden demise of Norm made his fans curious to know about Dylan’s lifestyle, career, and personal life details.

Dylan MacDonald Age?

As of 2022, he is just 29 years old Dylan MacDonald was born on October 28th, 1992 in California, U.S.

Despite the fact, that his parents got divorced after living 8 years together. He had a healthy relationship with both of them However, he lives with his mother mostly.

What Dylan MacDonald is Doing Currently?

He also wants to build his career just like his father as a comedian. But as of now, he didn’t get any recognition in that particular field. However, he is trying to create a path for his career through his YouTube channel which is managing along with his friends.

They are publishing some kind of comic dramas on Dylan’s YouTube channel. Apart from the drams, they are creating shows like spelling bees and some Q&A shows.

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Dylan’s Personal and Social Media Life Details

Dylan MacDonald is not yet married. He is single, and he is not even dating anyone right now.

Like his father, he is also away from social media. He is inactive on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But he often appeared along with his father at various gatherings. They both used to have a good relationship. His death will definitely affect his life.

Anyhow, all Norm MacDonald’s fans and we are hoping to see Dylan like his father with a good reputation and huge fan following.

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