Chris Browns Mom: Who is Joyce Hawkins, Everything About Her

Recently Chris Browns Mom, Joyce Hawkins also became popular with her recent Instagram post. She also went through a huge face and body transformation.

Chris is the most familiar name to American citizens, especially to music lovers. Alright, Chris Brown is a familiar American singer and lyric writer. His recordings were sold for million-dollar throughout the globe. Recently her mother Joyce Hawkins also became popular with her recent Instagram post. In a further section, we will know everything about Chris Browns Mom.

Who is Chris Browns Mom, Joyce Hawkins, and Her Biography?

Joyce Hawkins is most famous as the mother of American singer Charis Brown. She is an entrepreneur and a famous social media personality. She was born on October 7th, 1964 in the United States.

Joyce married Clinton Brown in America, they had a fruitful relationship for a long time, and after witnessing the love they had two children. They are daughter Lytrell Bundy and their celebrity son Charis Brown.

But due to some differences, they both got separated and taken divorced. Later Joyce started living with her boyfriend but unfortunately, even the relationship is also broken as her boyfriend used to abuse her regularly and he also committed suicide.

Joyce Hawkins Career

Initially, Joyce started her career with a Daycare center, gradually grew and entered into the fashion industry, and established an online clothing store called Rose Marron. Now she is moving ahead as a successful entrepreneur in America.

How Did Chris Browns Mom, Joyce Hawkins Become Popular and Stood in News?

She is known to the world as Charis Brown’s mother and entrepreneur but didn’t have a special focus till now. But after she had plastic surgery which changed her physical appearance totally made her popular on social media and stood in news. Before surgery was old and looked normal.


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A post shared by Joyce Hawkins (@mombreezyofficial)

After the surgery, she turned out beautiful. Now her looks are great and stunning. Even she is looking pretty younger than before. You can see her old and new looks in the pics we shared.

Her pictures on Instagram became viral and receiving lots of compliments from social media. But still, the reason behind her sudden surgery kept the lid closed.

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