Uzzy Marcus Brother ARRESTED for Killing 2 Girls Mercilessly

Uzzy Marcus Brother has been JAILED for BRUTALLY KILLING two Girls, 26 and 15 years old, Recording Himself KILLING the Girls and BOASTING About it.

Uzzy Marcus, a popular rapper has been the talk of the town. Certainly not because of this rap, for his brother who allegedly killed two women in his apartment. Followed
by a release of a video.

The video went viral and now his brother is behind the bars for his deeds.


Uzzy Marcus Brother, Raymond Weber, allegedly killed two women inside his apartment in California on Sunday, April 25, 2021. The former women were none other than his fiancee Savannah Rae Theberge, 26 years old and the latter was a 15-year-old girl.

According to him, he certainly did this for they were setting him up. And after killing them, he recorded a video in which he has been sitting beside the dead bodies, holding a gun.

Uzzy Marcus Brother Recorded Himself KILLING the GIRLS

Besides recording the dead bodies of the women, he accused his brothers of trying to kill him. Apparently, he accused Uzzy Marcus of having him killed while waving his gun.

It was a live Instagram video and he was being seen as smoking cigarettes and accusing people and also mentioned that the police are everywhere. Yet he did not stop and went on with his mischievous deed.

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Uzzy Marcus Brother Arrested by Police and Charged

The video went viral and women complained to the police about it. The police arrived at the apartment.

Certainly, took the charge of the incident and handled it. After 8 hours of the standoff, he is arrested and sent to prison.

Besides this, his younger brother is arrested too in 2014 and served in prison for killing Raymon’s girlfriend.

Uzzy Marcus Brother ARRESTED for Killing 2 Girls Mercilessly

The reaction of Uzzy Marcus:

Marcus Weber, popularly known as Uzzy Marcus is a rapper.  He has distanced himself after this incident. And in a recent interview with Adams, he said he did not about those girls. He could not watch it properly.

Eventually, it is depressing for him as well to undergo all these. Being a celebrity, his and his family’s action are always a talk and under the limelight.

Meanwhile, this incident came up and he is ashamed of this and disheartened.

About Uzzy Marcus

Uzzy Marcus, whose genuine name is Marcus Weber, is a promising rapper from Los Angeles.

His most popular tracks are Overkill and 42k, which both have north of 100,000 plays on Spotify each.

The rapper delivered his presentation collection Mafia Reputation in 2017 and his subsequent collection, Project 42k, was delivered in 2019.

Uzzy’s third collection, named Friendly Fire Gang, turned out in 2020 and highlights a few tracks working together with individual rapper Celly Ru.

Uzzy Marcus worked together with individual rappers Mozzy, Celly Ru, and E Mozzy following right after them Hardline.

Uzzy gives off an impression of being endorsed by Mozzy Records, a mark run by American rapper Mozzy, genuine name Timothy Cornell Patterson.

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Mozzy, brought into the world in Sacramento, shot to distinction with his 2015 collection Bladadah and presently lives in Los Angeles.

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