The Truth About Joel Osteen Divorce Rumors

There is such a number of irregularities in what the destiny held the widely recognized pastor-hitched lifestyles that it can be tough to research reality. The predominant assets who would possibly simply recognize are Joel and his higher half, Victoria.

So, there has been gossip that commenced flowing years previous that Joel Osteen had separated from Victoria Osteen (that changed into sooner or later validated false). There are several different bogus reviews out there; we will try and scatter them OK here!

The When-To-Believe Theory: If ‘Joel Osteen’ says it on TV/video, accept it as true with it – if ‘Victoria Osteen‘ says it on TV/video, accept it as true with it – if ‘’ says it, accept as true with it – assuming that a few arbitrary characters at the Internet say it, do not simply take delivery of that it besides if you may aid three exceptional reasserts (starting with TV/video). Now the Joel Osteen Divorce Rumors have been going around for quite a while. And here we’ll discuss whether these rumors have any basis or not.

The Truth About Joel Osteen And Victoria Osteen Divorce Rumors

How Joel Osteen And Victoria Osteen Meet

In 1987, Joel Osteen met his big different Victoria Osteen whilst he strolled into her mom’s gem supplier to restore a wrecked watch battery. Two years when they formerly bumped into every different in the shop wherein she worked, they wedded and had been joyfully collectively from that factor onward!

If Joel Osteen Is Married:-

Victoria and Joel have been hitched in April 1987. They have youngsters: Jonathan and Alexandra.

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The Truth About Joel Osteen And Victoria Osteen Divorce Rumors

Joel had a vasectomy extra than two decades previous! (A minister exposed this all through a lesson!) Is this valid? Might or not it be stated that he’s genuinely separated or is that gossip surely one extra fats falsehood? You choose. Just one wellspring of reality here: Lakewood Church Sermon Archives!

Joel Osteen Divorce?

The Answer is NO. In spite of stories that the couple divorced lengthy previously, Victoria has been Joel’s big difference for extra than 30 years.

So What About The Rumor Joel Osteen Divorce?

Indeed, it is genuinely not possible to illustrate that Joel Osteen isn’t always separated or that he’s, but we are able to move with the aid of using what valid assets say. In 2007, published this explanation: ” Rumors had been circling as of past due concerning the steadiness of Victoria and Joel’s marriage.

They are genuinely misleading! God has been coping with Victoria and Joel with reference to a few self-attention areas of their lives. In doing as such, He united them as a couple.” Is that a true assertion? Is it an untruth? You choose. Is Joel Osteen Married? Indeed! Is Joel Osteen Divorced?: No!


Tales are surely stories; that is the issue Joel Osteen has stated as regards the inquiries encompassing his abundance. He expressed that he acquires $70 million every 12 months for being the pinnacle chief of Lakewood Church, and moreover creates pay from books that have made him a New York Times pinnacle of the road author with 5 titles to date.

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The Truth About Joel Osteen And Victoria Osteen Divorce Rumors

The couple receives an additional repayment due to the fact his ee-ebook has become fruitful including another $200,000 every year basically however their luxurious manner of lifestyle preferred with the aid of using Victoria on my own who loves highly-priced originator apparel like her famed satchel collection really well worth over a big part of one million greenbacks related to many sacks costing lots or numerous lots for every piece!.

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