Irony Strikes The Hardest As Taliban Calls For Peaceful Resolution of Ukraine-Russia Conflict

The irony is striking the hardest as Taliban calls for peaceful resolution of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. As the Russian Ukrainian conflict intensifies, several countries have called for peace. USA, UK, India, Australia, Canada are some of these nations. But the most surprising or rather infuriating call for peace came from the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Readout this article to know more about the Ukrainian-Russian conflict and the Taliban’s call for peace.

Taliban Calls for Peaceful Resolution of Ukraine-Russia Conflict

The Taliban government has been trying to create an image of itself as a peace loving country that is politically neutral. It consequently grabbed this opportunity to promote this clean image of itself.

Russia Ukraine conflict

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs released the following statement: “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and expresses concern about the real possibility of civilian casualties. The Islamic Emirate calls for restraint by both parties. All sides need to desist from taking positions that could intensify violence,”

Ironically, Taliban has carried out similar violent actions in Kabul to acquire power. They had defeated the Kabul government by launching a full-fledged attack against them.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Russia had annexed Crimea in 2014. After 8 years, Russia has now launched a full-fledged attack against Ukraine. The defences of Ukraine are becoming weaker with each passing day. It is expected that unless foreign aid intervenes, it would only be a matter of a few weeks until Ukraine falls.

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The United States of America and several nations which are a part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have imposed stringent sanctions and other punitive measures against Russia.

However, it remains to be seen if these nations would be willing to tackle Russia at a more direct level. Halting trade absolutely with Russia is likely to inflate the prices of natural gas and other energy supplies across the world. It remains to be seen if USA would be willing to pay that cost to protect Ukraine.

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