New Zealand Administration Prepares Itself as Anti-Vaccine Protests Become Intense

The anti-vaccine protests in New Zealand have recently become more intense than ever. New Zealand has been witnessing major anti-vaccine and anti-covid restrictions protests. What earlier seemed to be a fleeting expression of impatience is now turning out to be a long protest.

The protestors have got everything in place from protest tents to charging spots to band tents. They are all set to protest until their demands are met. Readout this article to know more about the protests in New Zealand and the preparedness of the government of New Zealand. 

What Are These Anti-Vaccine Protests About? 

When the pandemic began, New Zealanders emerged as the ideal citizens for the world. The trust they had on scientists and each other stood out across the world. All restrictive measures were peacefully announced, implemented, and adhered to by the people of New Zealand. This resulted in New Zealand sustaining much lower casualties as compared to the rest of the world. However, these protests have now painted a major blot on the reputation of New Zealand. 

The protesters are against the covid restrictions. They are contending that they do not need the vaccine. They want their normal lives to be resumed. These protestors have surrounded the Parliament of New Zealand and are appearing in no mood to move from their protesting spots. The government is preparing to deal with these prolonged protests. 

How Does The Government Plan To Deal With Them? 

The government has currently not stated any concrete plan to deal with these anti-vaccine protests. It has just been requesting people to kindly observe the social distancing guidelines and to refrain from any activities that may undo their hard work until now which has eschewed massive casualties from happening in New Zealand.

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There have been some instances of police brutality among these anti-vaccine protests. The police have stated that the protesters have engaged in several illegal activities such as dropping feces on the police officers. It remains to be seen if New Zealand can maintain its success in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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