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I have become a crow is a well-known Manga series of Romance, Fantasy, Drama, and comic genres. English Translations of 18 I have become a crow chapter are available officially. In today’s article, we will update the latest installment from I have Become a crow chapter 19 details.

I Have Become a Crow Manga Chapter 19: Release Date

All the 18 chapters of I have become 1 crore were released according to the schedule still now. So according to the information that we have received if there are no technical issues then we can expect chapter 19 release in the first week of 2022. Meanwhile, we have received any official information that will be updated accordingly.

I Have Become 1 Crow Chapter 19: Synopsis

Once Yeoju met with an accident and died. After her death, she is Reborn as a crow in a female-oriented game.

The first time open her eyes in a forest and wondered about being a crow. She felt upset to continue her life as a crow. Meanwhile, she wants to find a human being who will take care of her and help her in the rest of the journey.

Finally, ship found a wounded Crown prince called Kumat. They both have escaped from orcs and get some foods and Herbs to eat.

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He looked after her with at most care and sincerity. Even got a fruit namely Crobanlock. This fruit can bring out the original character.

Gradually fell in love with this crow and took her to his Palace and started raising her along with other pets. One day the crow carbon lock fruit and turned out as a beautiful woman.

In all the chapters the director illustrated how Kamut and Yeoju travel together and the consequences they have faced till the Crow transformed as a crow.

Where to Read Manga Online Officially

You can read this Manga on Zinmanga and Forum novel updates. There are several other websites too visit for free of cost.

I Have Become a Crow: Characters

  • Kamut – The young prince who fells for that clever crow.
  • Yeoju – Princess who died in an accident and was Reborn as a crow
  • Raynell – The clever crow.

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