Song Kang and Park Min Young’s “Forecasting Love and Weather” its Highest Drama Ratings

Song Kang and Park Min Young’s ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ has fans hooked, mesmerized by the undeniable chemistry and the sparks of an office romance. As the K-drama gradually moves forward, so do its ratings, soaring and never looking back.

JTBC‘s latest drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘ has been in the talks ever since the trailer dropped. It’s a rom-com K-drama, directed by Cha Young-Hoon and written by Seon Yeong. The drama first premiered on 12 February 2022, and has aired 4 episodes as of now. The main cast involves Song Kang, Park Min Young, Yoon Park and Yura.

Forecasting Love and Weather: Highlights

The story revolves around the lives of Jin Ha Kyung (Park Min Young), Lee Shi Woo (Song Kang), Han Ki Joon (Yoon Park), Chae Yoo Jin (Yura) who work inside a National Weather Service. The forecast of love proves to be as difficult to predict as one of weather. Under the roof, an office romance blooms that is hotter than tropical nights and more unpredictable than localized heavy rains.

The cast of forecasting love and weather kdrama

Forecasting Love and Weather’s Ratings Soar

The series rating continues to soar with each new episode. On the first week, as episode 1 aired, it gained a rating of 4.514% nationwide and 5.557% in Seoul. On the release of episode 2, it gained a rating of 5.455% worldwide and 5.998% in Seoul. Following the second week and the release of episode 3, the ratings peaked to 6.787% worldwide and 7.342% in Seoul. For episode 4, it reached heights of 7.849% worldwide and 9.046% in Seoul.

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forecasting love and weather ratings soar

The drama continues to garner viewers with each other episode releases. Fans seem to look forward highly to the drama as the story progresses. We just know that this drama is not one to disappoint. With its sizzling chemistry and impressive storyline, it can surely be people’s favorite in no time.

Where Can You Watch the Drama?

The drama is available to watch on the South Korean Cable Network jTBC as well as Netflix. Its release time is every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 PM (KST).

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