The 30-Year Old Joel McClain Hip-Hop Star Gay or Straight?

Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S. Isaiah “Rashad” Joel McClain (born May 16, 1991) is an American rapper. He is a founding member of the Chattanooga hip hop collective The House along with fellow Chattanooga rappers YGTUT, Michael Da Vinci (MikeyD), Chris P, and Brian Brown.

Joel McClain: Occupation(s)

Rapper; singer; songwriter;
Isaiah Rashad is currently trending on social media after he was allegedly outed via a leaked sex tape. The swell of support Joel received, however, has been immediate and powerful. 

Old Joel McClain Hip-Hop Star Gay?

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Now, Top Dawg Entertainment lyricist Isaiah Rashad suffered a similar fate two days ago when a video of his own threesome hit social media, too—except his rendezvous include two other fellas. The Tennessee rapper has long kept mum about his sexuality or romantic involvement of any kind.

And given Hip-Hop’s usual hostility with all matters gay, the expectation would be for Rashad to get heat from his peers, lose tons of fans overnight, and be harassed into obscurity.

Joel McClain Hip-Hop Star: Leaked Sex Tape

Joel’s device may have been hacked or it may have been accidentally shared with the wrong person who ‘outed’ Joel. Regardless, his bedroom business was made public. He performed oral sex on another male in the first video, and two more men reciprocated the act on Joel in the second. Joel, whose real name is Isaiah McLain, has never talked about his sexual orientation before.

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In general, when videos are leaked, people create countless memes and tweets mocking the person, but not in Rashad’s case. People across the industry have been reaching out to let him know that this too shall pass.

Joel McClain Hip-Hop Star


In contrast, the musician’s fans slammed the haters and expressed their support for the musician, demonstrating their devotion to him.

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