Former Hondures President Arrested in Drug Trafficking

Honduras former President Juan Orlando Hernandez was arrested on Tuesday at his home for drug trafficking allegations in the U.S. After Judge ordered to arrest him as part of an extradition request for a US criminal on suspicion of drug trafficking.

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Court spokesman Melvin Duarte received an arrest warrant for Hernandez on Tuesday afternoon as a parliamentarian’s house  Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, was surrounded by hundreds of police officers awaiting a U.S. bid decision. “It was published,” he told reporters.

The spokesman also said that Hernandez need to appear in court before 24 hours. Followed by his arrest, he left his home in Honduras capital on Tuesday.

Police troops had given him a bulletproof jacket and handcuffed him while taking him into their custody. Here you can see clear footage of arrest at his home.

Hernandez, a former U.S. ally, who resigned in last month, was implicated in a drug trafficking operation by New York prosecutors. He denied all those allegations that he was part of a conspiracy to avenge a drug lord who was arrested or extradited to the United States by the government.

Honduras’ Foreign Ministry said on Twitter on Monday that the US embassy had notified the Supreme Court that it had requested “The official temporary arrest of a Honduran politician” for extradition.

Citing documents from the U.S. embassy, ​​Reuters reported that the U.S. is seeking to extradite Hernandez on charges of weapons and drug trafficking between 2004 and 2022.

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According to the Embassy report,  tons of cocaine was imported from Venezuela and Colombia with the involvement of former President Hernandez.

US state secretary Antony said Hernandez’s name was added on the list of persons who are suspected in corruption in El Salvador.

Antony Words About Hernandez on Twitter:

In order to raise transparency and accountability in Central America, US officials restricted public visas to Hernandez on account of his corrupted actions.

On Tuesday Hernandez sent an audio message on Twitter stating that his team informed to police that to confront this situation and to defend himself against these allegations, Hernandez is ready to collaborate and to come voluntarily.

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