How To Catch Koffing Pokémon Go: Spotlight Hour

Koffing Pokémon Go: Each month’s schedule for Pokémon go was released by Niantic. There are always smaller events, spliced between bigger ones to balance out the game including the spotlight. The spotlight runs only for an hour but still focus on the spices of Pokémon. even that hours are smaller and more limited.

Even these hours are very typically split up into 3 different events throughout the month, and for February 2022 one of the featured is Koffing. The Koffing spotlight hour will from 6 pm to 7 pm on 15th Feb,2022 which means to grab a few Incense to use in order to boost the number of encounters you will get during that time period because you can take advantage of the double capture experience.

Koffing Pokémon Go: About

Koffing Pokémon is Poison-type Pokémon that was added back……..and the ones who watched the anime will be quite familiar with koffing. finally…..coming to the most important part the good news is around as a shinny koffing is indeed available in the game. and the important thing is the shiny status of Pokémon in the game.

Koffing is a common encounter in most cities and has been featured in Pokémon go since the game launched in July 2016. However because there are more koffing spawns during this event, you’ll have increased opportunities to find one potentially but the shiny rate remains the same. if you have yet added to shinny koffing..this might be a good chance.

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Koffing is one of the many Pokémon you might encounter your neighbor in Pokémon go. it’s a reasonably common Pokémon and you might already have it in your collection. you may not have the encounter of this version.

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