Rams Fans Celebrate Super Bowl Win Los Angeles

Rams fans celebrate Super Bowl win in LA. They celebrated a Super Bowl win in the down streets of LA which was announced as illegal.

Rams Fans Celebrate Super Bowl Win: Highlights

Thousands of Rams fans celebrated the victory of the super bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium in down streets of Los Angeles on Sunday night.

The Los Angeles police department announced the celebration of an illegal convention and discharged a dispersal order in the area of 11th and Hope Street.

Rams Fans Celebrate Super Bowl Win: Full story

The Los Angeles police department issued a tweet, “The crowd is to disperse eastbound on 11th Street from Hope and southbound on Hope from 11th Street immediately”.

The video that goes viral from the scene shows a huge mass of people enjoying dancing and celebrating on the street as some of the cars strive to drive through. At one point, most of the people were seen jumping and dancing on top of one of the vehicles passing through the area.

Rams fans

People also burnt firecrackers in the middle of the downtown streets during the celebration of the victory of the Super Bowl in Los Angeles.

The LAPD also tweeted, “We ask those that are celebrating tonight, celebrate responsibly, Do not allow your actions to tarnish a great Super Bowl win.”

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At one point, the police department shoots missiles to attempt to scatter the harsh mass of people as shown in the video. A man was also shot during the Super Bowl victory celebration in Los Angeles. The condition of the victims is still not known.

The Los Angeles police department immediately did not declare any halt arising from the wild crowd. After issuing a warning to the people, some left but some people threw glass bottles on the police.

According to the Los Angeles police department, the behavior of the crowd was very rude and violent which was not at all needed.

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