Rosen Blood Vol 2: Release Date and Manga Read Online

Rosen Blood (Haitoku no Meikan) is a Japanese manga series, serialized in October 2017. The storyline and art are by the author Kachiru Ishizue. The books are published by Akita Publishing in Japanese while for English, it is licensed by Viz Media. The first volume of Rosen Blood was released on 07 December, 2021.

Rosen Blood: Highlights

After being rescued from an unfortunate carriage accident, Stella finds herself in a Gothic mansion full of handsome young men. However, she is unaware that these luscious and terrifically beautiful men are blood sucking monsters. Levi-Ruin and the other men let her serve as a maid, though, it’s not long before she discovers a dangerous secret. But Stella needs to make up her mind. She has to choose between bloodlust and danger, and separate reality from passion.

Rosen Blood Vol 2: Release Date

Rosen Blood Vol 2 is set to be released soon. The vampire fantasy romance series is going to be available for all readers on 01 March, 2022, officially. Fans don’t have to wait too much as the volume is going to be published in less than a month.

rosen blood vol 2

Rosen Blood Vol 2: Spoilers

The yearning between Stella and Levi gets hinged when it turns into a dangerous romance. As Levi tries to protect and starve himself by not going crazy over Stella’s blood, he falls unconsciously ill. To protect her love from dying, Stella must journey to Levi’s soul and find out Nun Luchia’s grasp on Levi’s past.

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Stella must remain unbothered as obstacles meddle in her way and save Levi by going beyond her limits. Volume 2 contains the detailed aftermath of their lovestruck dangerous love story. To know more about the story, give volume 1 a read!

Where can you read the manga online?

All of the volumes of Rosen Blood can be bought from Amazon. You can read the manga series from Viz official site or from Amazon Kindle. You can preorder Rosen Blood Vol 2 from both sites.

rosen blood vol 2

Rosen Blood: Major Characters

  • Levi
  • Friederich
  • Yoel
  • Gilbert
  • Stella

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