Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Volume 1: Manga Release Date and Read Online

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Volume 1: Disciples of Avan is scheduled to be released on March 1, 2022. 

It is one of the most popular Manga Series ever. This is one of the many series and television adaptations that have been inspired by the Dragon Quest game. Read this article to find out the release date of the Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, Vol. 1:  and to get a brief overview including spoilers about this epic series.

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Volume 1: Highlights

Alert: Spoilers ahead. This story revolves around the life of a young boy called Dai. Dai has been raised by monsters. The world in which he was raised by scarred by never-ending wars. Dai is a boy with a kind heart and a willingness to do good. He has some very brave and talented friends. Despite being the only human among all monsters on Dermline Island, Dai is happy and contented with his live. He is peace-loving by nature.

Meanwhile, one day a group of fraudsters shows up. Their intention is to abduct the Golden Metal Slime! When Princess Leona arrives asking for help, Dai extends a hand forward. With his brave friends, he sets upon a journey to defeat the Dark Lord’s minions. Minions are mystical creatures.

They are evil by nature. Along this journey, Dai must master his powers. While traversing, Dai is supposed to awaken the hero within himself. A tutor will soon help him in his journey. This series is one of the most legendary and popular Japanese Manga series. It is a remarkable tale of love, adventure, friendship, and kindness.

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Where to read Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Volume 1

There are several websites that allow you to read Dragon Quest: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Volume 1 Disciples of Avan. We respect the intellectual rights of the authors and encourage our readers to read Manga from only official sources. You can also buy the Paperback version of this series from Amazon.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: Major Characters

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Volume 1

Dai- The main hero of this story. He was born and raised on Dermline Island by and among all monsters.

Princess Leona- The female lead of this story. A brave girl with many talents.

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