Trump: Graham- a RINO #Jan 6 Rioters: Everything You Want to know

The United States of America President Donald Trump in an interview called Sen. Lindsey Graham- a ‘RINO’ which means republic in name only which was a very big statement against Graham. Trump said that Republican senator Graham was “wrong” to say that pardoning those who took part in the Jan 6 insurrection was “inappropriate.”

Graham- a RINO: Highlights

Trump said Graham is republic in name only during an interview with Newsmax which was aired on Tuesday night. He was responding to Graham’s comments made on CBS ‘Face the nation’ on Sunday.

During Graham’s Sunday interview, a clip of Trump was played in which he was telling the attendees at a rally in Texas, that if he won the presidency again then, he would treat the people from January 6 fairly and give out pardons if need to be. Graham disagreed with Trump’s statement of saying he might pardon people convicted in the U.S. Capitol riot if re-elected and said it was inappropriate.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Graham- a RINO: Full Story

In the interview, Trump said Graham is a nice guy but he is republic in name only as a reply to Graham’s Sunday interview. He also said that Sen. Lindsey Graham doesn’t know what he is talking about.

However Graham was not only the one who was opposing Trump’s statement on January 6 rioters. The election of 2020 was decided on Dec 14, 2020 when the Electoral College certified the winner of the election. Graham was considered as one of Trump’s closest allies in the Senate.

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Trump and Graham were very good friends until 2016 elections. They had difference in their opinion since then. Trump also said that during the protest of summer 2020, according to reports only one woman died during the Jan 6 riot on Capitol Hill the but the truth is Five people have found to be dead.


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