Disney: Minnie Mouse is Switching From a Dress toTrousers

Disneyland Paris has released a new outfit change for Minnie Mouse in honor of the park’s upcoming 30th anniversary.

All these years, the character, who was created nearly a century ago, has been dressed in a white-and-red polka dot dress with a red bow. She will now be seen in a blue polka-dot blazer and matching pants. Stella McCartney, a British fashion designer, designed the outfit, which also includes a blue bow.

The World’s Most Famous Female Minnie Mouse is Getting a New Look.

Minnie Mouse will soon be wearing a smart blue pantsuit instead of her traditional red polka dot dress, but she will still wear her iconic bow.

Stella McCartney created the new look to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. Even though the change is only temporary, it has elicited a mixed reaction from Disney fans online.

Minnie will wear the blue tuxedo for the first time in March 2022 at Disney’s Paris entertainment resort, where she will celebrate Women’s History Month.

In recent years, Walt Disney Studios has worked to increase its on-screen diversity by filming in new locations and casting characters from a broader range of backgrounds.
The studio has cast Latina actress Rachel Zegler in the lead role in its upcoming Snow White adaptation.

However, the online reaction to Minnie Mouse’s new outfit has been mixed.
While some have praised the mouse’s new look, others have been disappointed by her departure from the classic ruby red colors and her well-known dress.

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Disney: Minnie Mouse is switching from a dress to trousers

In a Fox News interview, conservative US commentator Candace Owens criticized the makeover as an attempt to make Minnie Mouse “more masculine,” accusing those behind it of attempting to “destroy fabrics of our society.”

Later in the segment, the host jokingly compared the cartoon mouse’s outfit to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s well-known fondness for pantsuits.

Disney: Minnie Mouse is switching from a dress to trousers

As the host joked, “We’ll check with her office to see if she approves of the changes in Paris.” Some fans pointed out on social media that this isn’t the first time Minnie Mouse has donned slacks. In 2019, the cartoon made her debut onboard a Disney Cruise Line as “Captain Minnie,” dressed in white sailor trousers.

Minnie Mouse first appeared in comic books nearly 100 years ago as the love interest of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse. Her full name, Minerva, was revealed in 1942.

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