SubZero Chapter 115: Release Date and Read Manga Online

As a Webtoon and Manga fan, any one who is not aware of SubZero is missing out on one of the most popular comics in the market right now. Garnering around 284 million views on Webtoon, SubZero is a romantic fantasy story revolving around Clove, the last princess of a near extinct Dragon Clan, as she sacrifices herself by marrying her greatest foe in order to save her family and restore peace in her land.

SubZero Chapter 115: Released Date

SubZero chapter 115 was released on December 13 2021 as part of the second season of the series. The first season ended on chapter 91 and the second season has seen the release of 34 brand new chapters. This comic can be read legally, for free on the online comic publisher, Webtoon.

SubZero Chapter 115

SubZero is a fantastical story set in a fictional Asian civilization wherein there is an ongoing war between the northern near-extinct Azure Dragon Clan and the Southern Crimson Dragon Clan. The main characters Kyro and Clove are the protagonists of the comic who find themselves in the situation of having to get married in order to restore peace between the warring clans. Junepurrr, the creator of the subzero chapter 115 started publishing the webtoon in October 2018 and has gathered a colossal readership on the platform.

In the 114th chapter, Kyro loses control and beats up the Grand Marshall after he gets closer to Clove. Everyone tries to stop him, but to no avail . All of Kyro’s past accumulated pain and rage is released on the Grand Marshall. However, the incited fight seems to be a ploy on the side of the Grand Marshall, as observed by Clove. At the end of the chapter, Clove stops Kyro as he is about to release all restraint from his punch.

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It will be interesting to see how the story progresses from here, and each loyal reader will be hooked onto this series to discover the end of Clove and Kyro. What is the plan of the Grand Marshall and will Kyro stop his violent outburst? To find out more, head onto Webtoon to read SubZero Chapter 115.

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