Nano Machine Chapter 90: Release Date and Read Manga Online

The leader of the Ghost Illusion Clan and the Prince has now headed into a tough battle and we might see what is the result of their fight in Nano Machine Chapter 90. Also, the exciting and a bit one-sided combat between Cheon Yeo Woon and the Supremo of the Illusion Clan was the second test. It has now taken a very surprising turn! Halfway through the battle, Cheon Yo is now overpowering his opponent, so the result might be shocking for the readers.


Nano Machine Chapter 90

Yeo Woon Fights Huan Yi in the All-New Nano Machine Chapter 90

Just as Yeo Woon had planned, the roiling battle between the top 5 Clans has started. Yeo Woon has left the Academy is looking to gain some more support from 6 other Clans by exploring his kingdom. At first, he made a stop at the Castle of Ghost Illusion Clan to garner support from the members of that Clan.

Now, ut appears something more might be waiting for Yeo Woon if he becomes an ally of the Ghost Illusion Clan. To become an ally, Yeo Woon is given a test. He must gain the trust and support of 3 eligible heirs who are supposed to become the next lord of the Clan. Huan Yi, the leader of the Ghost Illusion Clan has decided to support Yeo Woon by giving him his badge as a mark of trust.


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In the previous installment, Yeo Woon strived to clear the first test and he succeeded in it. But now he has to defeat the leader of the Ghost Illusion Clan in a battle. Huan Yi is an influential leader and he is also very powerful but Yeo Woon has many weapons up his sleeves to help him defeat Huan Yi. The story of the Nano Machine has now become very interesting as we are all waiting with bated breath to see if Yeo Woon can prove his worth by fighting the leader of the Ghost Illusion Clan.

Yeo Woon Has Prepared For the Fight And The Release Date is Almost Here

He has done some research on the scars to get an idea of his opponent’s weaknesses. He may utilize that method in the combat battle against Huan Yi. The all-new chapter 90 of Nano Machine English will come out on 26th January 2021.

As of yet, there’s no word of any delay as such but we will keep you updated on the same. Also about to release on the same day are Chapter 178 of Eleceed and Chapter 239 of Tokyo Revengers!

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