Joe Biden vs Vladimir Putin: Invading Ukraine

The ongoing tension between Joe Biden vs Vladimir Putin is a hot topic now. The whole reason of this is Biden vs Putin revolves around invading Ukraine. According to US officials Putin has been planning to capture Ukraine.

Military actions by Biden and Russia

There have been some military actions by the Russian army on the Ukraine border. This alerted the US government’s ongoing tension.

However, Putin has denied everything and said they have no plan like that. Biden on the other hand warned him to face severe consequences if there is any movement against them.

Biden is leaving no stone unturned to give a tough battle to Russia. More than 100000 US troops and military support have been mobilized on the Ukraine border.

Ongoing tension between Biden and Putin
Us troops and militiary supplies

All the Americans in Ukraine have been called to return. Even the families of embassy staff in Ukraine is moved. Along with the workers from nonessential jobs are also there.

Comments by vice president of US

During an interview vice president Kamala Harris also clearly conveyed that they will take “serious actions ” against any misconduct. They are in no mood to compromise with their democracy.

Joe Biden vs Vladimir Putin:invading ukraine
Kamla Harris

Another factor to think about is if the war breaks between russia and Ukraine. It will trigger the chances of world war 3 . As we all know World war three might be result in ongoing tension.

Also there has been the involvement of china, which is said to have been supporting Russia throughout all this.

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There has also been the history of Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine was under the Russian empire in 1917. It became independent due to Russian revolutionaries.  However, these revolutionaries went ahead again to capture it afterwards. Due to all this people still feel like the belong with each other.

Although the matter has been talked about for over a month now it recently caught attention. Biden is in no mood to talk the matter out patiently and is ready to kick out Putin whenever needed. The whole world is witnessing this ongoing cold war.

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