Who is Juanita Vanoy? Michael Jordan’s ex-wife, Net Worth and Everything About Her

Who is Juanita Vanoy: Juanita Vanoy is a 61-year-old former model and is famous for being married to NBA basketball player and star Michael Jordan. Even though the duo broke their marriage in 2006 yet she is being recognized (mostly) because of him. Let’s read who Juanita Jordan is in real and what’s more to her identity and personality than just being a wife a famous basketball player.

Who is Juanita Vanoy?

Juanita Vanoy was born on 13th June 1959 in Chicago, Illinois. She worked as a secretary and was also a model for a long period of time. During her graduation period, she was earning an income for herself by working as a loan officer. She during then met Michael Jordan at a restaurant in 1985. The duo has an age difference of four years. Juanita and Michael have set a record of the largest divorce settlement at that time. Let’s read some details from their dating history.

Who is Juanita Vanoy? Michael Jordan's ex-wife, Net Worth and Everything About Her

Michael Jordan’s and Junita Vanoy’s journey from marriage to divorce

The duo was introduced by a common friend and soon started dating. Jordan finally decided to propose her in Chicago on December 31, 1987. Eventually due to some personal chaos they called off their engagement and it took them to finally get on the track together and they started talking about getting married.

Few months Juanita found she was pregnant but Jordan wasn’t ready to accept that it was his child and lot of argument going on between the two. They finally got married on September 2, 1989 when their first child Jeffrey Michael Jordan was of already 10 months and he gave Juanita a five-carat diamond ring. Michael and Vanoy gave birth to total three kids together, second-born child is Marcus James Jordan and a only girl child whose name is Jasmine Mickael Jordan.

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Who is Juanita Vanoy? Michael Jordan's ex-wife, Net Worth and Everything About Her

Story of their divorce

In January 2002, Juanita .filed a divorce because of the never-ending difference between the two. They tried to solve the differences and soon after she withdrew her divorce. In 2006, the duo again faced a number of arguments and then they mutually decided to get a divorce.

Net Worth of Juanita Vanoy

As per 2021, Juanita Vanoy has a net worth of approx $200 Million.

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