Not Paying Taxes Can Put Shakira Behind The Bars ? Here Is The Answer.

Shakira Isabel Mebarak popular Colombian singer and songwriter is having net worth of around $300 million. She is in the list of 30th richest singers in the world according to the Forbes, as of 2021 . She was born on February 2nd, 1977. Everyone very well knows who Shakir is and what made her so popular.  As we all know she is called the Queen of Latin Music. She got popularity because of her versality in music.

What Is The Spain Treasury Fraud Matter And Why Shakira need to Worry About It?

Recently she is much in talk because of money fraud she is said to have done against the Spanish government. Here’s everything to the story.  Recently she is accused by the Spanish government for not paying her taxes.

She answered the accusation saying she was never the resident of Spain. She is even trying to keep her income as a secret along with the various companies. IN spite of all her hard work 15 million fraud is revealed by the income tax agency last Wednesday. In a report sent to the Spanish court last week the Income Tax agency of Spain said that the Colombian singer has done a fraud of around 14.5 million to the Spanish treasury.

As per the reports Shakira is arguing on the matter saying she stayed in Spain only for 184 days because of her shows and concerts and she is liable of paying any tax to the Spanish government. on July 8 the examining court number two of Esplugues de Llobregat in Barcelona called the treasury technicians along with the defense experts  to talk about Shakira’s tax obligations.

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2 Officials of the Income Tax Agency stated before the judge that singer of ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ is avoiding to pay personal Income Tax of the year 2012 and 2014. A prosecutor Office in December 2018 lunched a complaint against the singer. Her Tax advisor too is found guilty in the matter and a complain against him is filed in the united States. They both are blamed for having committed 6 crimes against the Spanish Treasury.

It is said that she and her tax advisor had already planned everything before. Just to not pay personal and property tax. Shakira still stands strong on her ground saying she is not obliged to pay tax to Spanish treasury just for staying there for 184 days. Some sources say that she was in Spain for more than 184 days which makes her the resident of the country.

Some reports even say that she returned all the money to the Spanish government but the complaint launched against her can put her behind the bars. This is a matter of tension for fans who are worried about Shakira’s arrest.

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