Brooklyn Nine-Nine:10 Underrated Quotes that are Ridiculously Meme-Worthy

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police procedural comedy television series that aired on Fox and then NBC from September 17, 2013, to September 16, 2021, lasting eight seasons and 153 episodes. They (Dan Goor and Michael Schur) created it. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is a New York City Police Department (NYPD) detective in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct who frequently clashes with his commanding officer, the serious and stern Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher).

Stephanie Beatriz plays Rosa Diaz, Terry Crews plays Terry Jeffords, Amy Santiago is played by Melissa Fumero, Charles Boyle is played by Joe Lo Truglio, Gina Linetti is played by Chelsea Peretti, Michael Hitchcock is played by Dirk Blocker, and Norm Scully is played by Joel McKinnon Miller.

Brooklyn nine-nine:10 underrated quotes that are ridiculously meme-worthy

1.Rosa’s Thoughts on Amy’s Anxiety
“She’s Stress-Braiding her hair. It’s a big deal. On the Santiago Panic Scale, that’s a one.”

Rosa says this hilarious quote in the season 4 episode “Chasing Amy,” when the characters are discussing Amy’s stress over her sergeant’s exam.

This is not only one of Amy’s wisest Brooklyn Nine-Nine moments, as she demonstrates her ambition and desire to advance in her career, but it would also make an excellent meme.

Fans could use this meme whenever they are having a chaotic day or when they need to remind themselves to relax and focus on one task at a time.

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2. Amy’s Reaction To Holt’s Request For Community Service “I’ll take it on the head and shoulders.

I’ll dive in, swim around it, and be completely fine with it.”

Captain Holt tells Amy in the first season episode “The Slump” that he wants her to be in charge of a community program, and she is overjoyed. Of course, this is right up to Amy’s alley, as she is always looking for ways to impress Holt and convince him that she is deserving of praise, promotions, and responsibility.

While most people would simply say yes and hope to make their boss proud, Amy goes above and beyond by describing how good she will be at this challenge.

This quote would make a charming, funny meme for anyone who wants to express their excitement about something.

3. Jake’s Laugh-Out-Loud Proposal to Amy

“It’s nice to see you acting like you like Die Hard”

Jake proposes to Amy in the season 5 episode “Halloween,” and fans knew his proposal would be both sweet and funny.

While Jake keeps saying how much he loves Amy’s butt, which fits his immature yet endearing personality, it’s his comment about Die Hard that would make a great meme. Viewers could use this quote to express their admiration for someone’s eccentric personality.

4. Jake Responds to a Lie Detector Test

“Is Taylor Swift Your Favorite Artist?”

“She truly is. She has an uncanny ability to make me feel things.”

In the first season episode “Unsolvable,” Jake is subjected to a lie detector test, and when Terry inquires about Taylor Swift, Jake is forced to admit that he enjoys how emotional Taylor’s music is.

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Many Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, like this talented singer, will be able to relate to this quote. When Taylor Swift releases a new album or when people want to talk about her incredible music, a meme could be used.

5. Charles Discussing Cheese

“The cheese is fantastic. It’s like it’s melting in my mouth. And it’s in my hands!”

Charles and Jake have a wonderful, sweet friendship that spans Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On the sitcom, Charles has some hilarious food scenes, and he frequently waxes poetic about a particular dish or ingredient to his best friend.

In the season 3 episode “House Mouses,” Jake mentions a gift basket full of food, and Charles immediately mentions how delicious the cheese is. A meme based on this quote could be used for a variety of purposes, as cheese is always a popular topic of conversation.

6. Charles Requires His Pizza Bib

“Can We Have a Pizza Bib Stop At Home?”
One of the warmest and most special aspects of the series is Charles and Jake’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine friendship. What was the most enjoyable aspect of their interactions? The fact that they think the other person is strange and quirky while ignoring the fact that they have those qualities as well.

This would be a fun meme to share with a friend, and Charles’ quote about a “pizza bib” would undoubtedly go viral.

7. Gina Discusses Junk Food

“It’s a sloppy Jessica,” Jessica says. Mac & Cheese, Chili, and Pizza On A Bun It’s everything I’ve been craving for the past 48 hours.”

Gina says many amusing quotes on the popular sitcom, but her discussion of junk food is the most meme-worthy.

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If this quote became a meme, fans would have plenty of opportunities to use it, from when they’re craving junk food to when they simply can’t face a vegetable-heavy meal. Viewers would like to channel Gina, who makes a big impression on the show during her seasons because she’s bold, honest, and quirky.

8. Captain Holt is irritated with everyone.

“Why Isn’t Everyone Having a Good Time? I specifically asked for it.”

Captain Holt is one of the most beloved characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, from his insulting of Wuntch to his interactions with Amy and Jake. He always has something unintentionally funny to say, and his formal and logical delivery enhances the impact of his words.

This quote is particularly meme-worthy because it can be applied to almost any situation that isn’t fun. If anyone was going to demand that people have fun, it would be Holt, who has a hard time letting go at times.

9. Rosa despises birthdays.

“Anyone over the age of six who celebrates a birthday should be damned.”

Rosa is one of the most intelligent characters working at the 99th Precinct. She does her own thing, doesn’t care what others think of her, and still demonstrates to fans that she is compassionate and warm-hearted. It’s especially touching to see Rosa interact with Jake in Season 8 after she’s changed jobs.

If this quote became a meme, anyone who shares Rosa’s negative feelings about birthdays would undoubtedly want to use it.

Even people who typically enjoy celebrating their birthdays would find it amusing because a birthday isn’t always that enjoyable.

10. Charles Discussing a Recent Interview

“He was from Canada, apologized for wasting my time, and said it was probably his fault I was robbed.”

Every time Charles and Jake get together, whether at work or outside the police station, one of them is bound to say something particularly amusing and memorable.

Charles expands on the common joke that Canadians are extremely polite in this quote about Canada. This quote, if made into a meme, would make anyone smile.

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