Narcos Mexico Season 03: Official Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and more

Narcos Mexico Season 03 is set to premiere on Netflix on November 05, 2021. The fans are avidly looking forward to the release date.

Narcos Mexico is a very-renowned and highly acclaimed streaming television show from the United States that showcases a crime drama. It was launched about three years back in November of 2018.

A group of extremely talented people like Doug Miro, Chris Brancato, as well as Carlo Bernard came together to create and produce this gem of a show.

Narcos Mexico Season 03

The engaging narrative of the show centers around the growth of illicit drug smuggling in Mexico, meanwhile the original show focused on the rise of the drug market in the land of Columbia.

For three years, the series has garnered massive popularity all over the world. Considering this, the third season of the show is about to drop soon.

The Cast

José Mara Yazpik shall reprise his role as Amado Carrillo Fuentes, a drug kingpin who took over the Juárez Network. Scoot McNairy returns portraying DEA officer Walt Breslin, who previously served as the series’s narrator.

Narcos Mexico Season 03

Alfonso Dosal would reprise his role as Tijuana mafia head Benjamin Arellano Félix, whereas Manuel Masalva shall return as Benjamin’s brother Ramón Arellano & Mayra Hermosillo will reprise her role as their sister Enedina Arellano.

The Anticipated Plot of Season 03

After Gallardo’s arrest, Mexico has a leadership void, having numerous cartels fighting a bloody battle. In the absence of a head, the gangs find it difficult to work with one another and rather strive for control in the drug business.

The DEA, at the same time, is embroiled in a struggle against criminal networks. The federal authorities, supervised by Breslin, attempt to apprehend and imprison drug gang lords.

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The Trailer and the Release Date

The trailer for the show was released three weeks back. It hints at a dangerous fight between Tijuana, Sinaloa, as well as Juárez gangs. The preview is packed with gunbattles, and it is evident that anarchy prevails dominantly as the carnage intensifies amongst Mexico’s younger generation of drug lords.

The brand new season of Narcos Mexico, Season 03 is going to release on November 05, 2021. The fans are extremely enthralled.

Where to watch

You can catch the upcoming episodes of Narcos Mexico Season 03 exclusively on Netflix.

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