Top 6 Facts About Rebecca Mcbrain, Meadow Rain Walker Mom and More

You must have come across the film Fast & Furious. What happened to his daughter Meadow Rain Walker and ex Rebecca Mcbrain after his death?

Who is Rebecca Mcbrain?

Rebecca Mcbrain is popularly known for being the ex-lover of the popular Hollywood star, Paul Walker, who is known for his role Brian O’Connor. She was not that involved in the relationship with him but became a public figure after she got pregnant with Paul Walker’s only child Meadow Rain Walker.

The sources said that they were a couple for not more than a year and they didn’t end their relationship on good terms. Rebecca Mcbrain was born in California and her year of birth is 1974. Her father’s name is Mark Soteros and her mother is Julie Ann Soteros.

She doesn’t have any previous family history that is connected with Hollywood, and she only became a public figure after getting into the relationship with Paul Walker. She has a bachelor’s degree in teaching, and she went to Village Christian School for high school.

Rebecca Mcbrain

Rebecca Mcbrain Net Worth

As per the recent news, her net worth was estimated to be $250000. She doesn’t have much wealth in her possession. Her ex-boyfriend Paul had an estimated net worth of approximately $25 million. He had all this property and wealth through previous work and movies that he was in.

Top 6 facts about Rebecca Mcbrain

  • Her ex-boyfriend died in a tragic car accident Paul Walker’s death was a shock to all of us but can you imagine what his family was going through at that time. His sudden demise left us all in severe shock, and we cannot begin to imagine what Rebecca Mcbrain and her daughter Meadow Rain Walker would be going through at that time. Although Rebecca and Paul were not on good terms, they did share a child, and it must have been hard for Rebecca to fulfill all of Meadow’s wishes.
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  • Because of Rebecca’s drinking problem, Paul ended their relationship It was confirmed by the sources that the main reason for the couple’s dispute was because of Rebecca’s drinking problem. She couldn’t control her alcoholic need and because of this the couple always ended up fighting.
  • She acquired all of Paul’s wealth after his demise After the death of Paul Walker, she got possession of all the properties of Paul that were estimated to be up to $25 million. She raised her daughter alone after his death. It wasn’t easy for his daughter to move on and Rebecca was there for her.
  • Paul Walker’s mother wanted custody of her granddaughter Meadow Cheryl Ann Walker decided that she doesn’t want Rebecca to raise her granddaughter because she would always return home drunk. But Rebecca couldn’t afford to lose her daughter, so she decided to give up her alcohol need for good this time.

Rebecca Mcbrain

  • She broke after her mother’s death She was never the one with everything. She had a dark past as her mother died only at the age of 48 years. She was devastated after her mother’s death and somehow this incident continued to haunt all the future decisions of her life.
  • The rumor about her marriage There was a rumor that she has married Nicko Mcbrain. However, this rumor faded away quickly as no evidence would support the above statement and Nicko Mcbrain was happily married to another woman.

Rebecca’s life right now

Right now she is in Los Angeles and her daughter got married a few months back. There is not much known about her private life as she is not much of a media person.

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