The God of High School Episode 14: Release Date and Watch Online

The God of High School Episode 14 is going to release in 2022. Fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes to hit the streaming platforms.

The God of High School is a comedy-based supernatural series that revolves around martial arts. The series has its origin in South Korea. It was originally a manhwa, that ran for quite a long time and has 3 volumes to date.

Yonge Park is the writer and the illustrator of the original manhwa. After its popularity, the series got its anime adaptation that was released in July 2020. Sunghoo Park is the director of the anime adaptation.

Everything you need to know

The main protagonist of the series is Mori Jin, who is a teenage boy that has great experience in martial arts and is very good at them. He is residing in the South Korean city of Seoul, and the series follows his journey of persuading his dreams.

One day, he got a letter from one of the training institutes, to join and learn martial art from their ground. He accepted the offer, but eventually, he found out about the works of his institution “The God Of High School”.

He learns that the institute offers his students to take part in a series of competitions. The winner of the series gets to be part of another round, and the loser gets to be eliminated immediately. The ultimate winner will get whatever he demands.

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They taught them tricks, and with tricks, the students could also borrow some supernatural power from various Gods and other entities to fight the battle.

The God of High School Episode 14

The God of High School Episode 14 Release Date 

It is getting released in 2022. The official release date is not yet confirmed. As soon as we get any information, we will update you on our website.

Where to Watch?

You can stream it on Crunchyroll.

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