World Trigger Season 03 Episode 09: Release Date and Watch Online

World Trigger Season 03 Episode 09 is going to release on December 4, 2021. Fans are very excited about the new episodes.

World Trigger is an adventurous sci-fi-based drama series that has its origin in Japan. After the popularity of the WorTri manga that Daisuke Ashihara wrote and illustrated, the series got its anime adaptation that is now loved by millions.

Mitsuru Hongo, Kouji Ogawa, and Morio Hatano are the director of the anime adaptation of the World Triggers. Till now, 3 seasons have been released till date. We are waiting for more and more seasons.

Everything you need to know

The story focuses on Osamu Mikumo and Yuuma Kuga. They are the main protagonist of the shows and are responsible for the protection of their city, Mikado, from unnatural creatures that are trying to destroy the earth with advanced technologies.

These creatures have come from a parallel universe, and the town members refer to them as Neighbor or aliens, who are attacking the town. To fight back, the town members have gathered in a group.

World Trigger Season 03 Episode 09

These groups are an organization that has to build some advanced technologies and weapons to fight back the aliens. The weapons or the triggers protect the town from burning down. However, not all the members are permitted to use the trigger.

Osamu finds out while protecting Yuuma, that he was not an ordinary human being. Yuuma was also from a parallel universe, the only difference being, he was one of the good ones.

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World Trigger Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date

It is going to release on December 4, 2021. We all are excited to witness what will happen next. There are just 7 more days left for new episodes to release soon.

Where to watch?

You can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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