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Who is Marlene Knaus? Niki Lauda’s ex-wife and Everything About Her

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You all must have heard about the popular racer, Niki Lauda. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about his ex-wife, Marlene Knaus.

Who is Marlene Knaus?

Marlene Knaus became a prominent public figure after she got into a relationship with a well-known racer, Niki Lauda. No doubt that being in a relationship with a famous racing driver got her into the spotlight, but she was talented enough on her own.

She became known for becoming a popular model. There was a time when all the magazine’s covers were occupied by her pictures.

Marlene Knaus

Marlene Knaus Early Life

Although she was a prominent public figure, she tried all her life to live a private life far from all the media attention and interview. All we know is, she was born in the year 1956, in the USA.

Even though being born as a USA citizen, she was a Venezuelan and belonged to their ethnicity. Marlene Knaus’s age is 65 years old. We have no information about her guardians. She has disclosed absolutely nothing about her early life.

Marlene Knaus Education and Net worth

She lived a private life and avoided media attention as much as she could. This is the reason why there is nothing that we know about the educational institutions that she was part of, or about the academies she visited for establishing her career in modeling. We know that after she acquired the properties of Niki Lauda, her annual income that was estimated was more than $40 million.

Marlene Knaus

What do we know about her career?

Around the mid-60s, she became known for establishing a career in modeling. Due to her exquisite beauty and remarkable expressions, she became quite famous for her talents.

There was even a time when her hairstyles got famous and people started to wear them for a long time. There weren’t any magazines left that didn’t have Marlene Knaus’s picture on them. She became a fashion influencer and even tried designing in the field of fashion.

Marlene Knaus

Relationship status and timeline

We know that before she was married to Niki Lauda, she was in a relationship with Curt Jurgens. They dated for quite a long time and everything seem to be going well between them but when Marlene and Niki met at a party that was arranged by Curt, Niki and Marlene knew there was something between them, and they started to fall for each other. Niki was also dating someone when he met Marlene.

They broke their previous affairs to start a relationship on their own and tied knots in 1976. The couple gave major goals and that was an era when people could talk for hours about the couple.

They were there for each other through thick and thin. There was a time when Niki’s affair became known to the public with whom he had a child. Even though he was going through a lot, her wife supported him.

She didn’t even leave his hand when he got scars on his face after a brutal accident while racing. They had two kids together, Mathias and Lucas, who follows their father’s path in being working in the field of racing. However, even after everything the couple went through together, there came a time when they couldn’t bear it anymore and decided that it was better if they will part their ways.

Niki Lauda continued to live his life after his divorce and even got married and had two kids. Although, Marlene decided that it was better if she will live the rest of her life as a single woman. The world was shocked after Niki Lauda’s death in the year 2020. He was going through a lot of operations and surgeries and that was the reason for his death.

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