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Top 5 Facts About Rebecca McBrain, Paul Walker’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Rebecca McBrain was born on November 04, 1974. Her real name is Rebecca Soteros.  She is widely known to the world by the name Rebecca McBrain.

She is a former school teacher who retired many years back. She has also served as a servicewoman in the US Military. She is well-known for being the ex-girlfriend of the iconic movie star Paul Walker. After she started dating him, that is when the world got to know more and more about her.

Through this very article, we will delve deeper into her life and will reveal the five most interesting facts about the same. So all you Hollywood fans out there, read on to know more about her and her life.

1. Early Life and Education

Rebecca McBrain was born Rebecca Soteros in the United States of America. Mark Soteros and Julie Ann Soteros are the names of her beloved parents. Rebecca is her parents’ only child. Mark, her dad, has his own firm in the California region, and Julie, her mom, was a stay-at-home mother. Unfortunately, Julie passed away in 2004. Rebecca Mcbrain spent her childhood with her brother, Joshua Soteros.

Rebecca McBrain

Rebecca has always been an extremely smart woman. Her early schooling was completed at Village Christian Elementary School. She then enrolled at the University of California to pursue her graduation. She has indeed spent her entire life out of the spotlight till now. Rebecca’s relationship with Walker made a massive difference. Despite Paul Walker’s tragic demise, she still sought to keep it low-key all while parenting their daughter.

2. Career

Rebecca worked in the education sector, in the form of a teacher in a prep school after finishing her studies, but by the time she met Paul Walker, she had already resigned from her position at the school. Paul & Rebecca both had a baby together before they got married.

She intended to marry Paul and in fact, had requested him about the same, but Walker turned it down since he was reluctant, and as a result, she never married the renowned actor. The reason for Paul Walker not wanting to get married to Rebecca was that he had recently begun his career in the film industry and therefore, wanted to focus on the future ahead.

Rebecca McBrain

She didn’t talk to anybody regarding her family after Paul Walker lost his life in a car crash eight years back, in 2013, She has also not appeared in any press or television platform till now. According to the sources, Rebecca’s daughter doesn’t stay with her anymore.

3. Relationship with Paul Walker

Rebecca McBrain was certainly one of the notable Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriends. According to accounts, they met for the very first time in the year 1998 and began dating right away. Walker was a newbie in the movie industry at the time, and he wanted to concentrate only on his professional life.

Rebecca McBrain

However, as per inside sources, Paul was not really ready for this dramatic shift in his personal life and thought himself to be too young for a marital obligation. Rebecca McBrain chose to end her relationship with Paul as a result of this event. Consequently, Rebecca and Paul broke up abruptly. Today, many people around the world still believe that Rebecca is Paul Walker’s wife.

4. Her Daughter

Rebecca gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Meadow Rain Walker in Hawaii, on November 04, 1998. Till 13 years of age, Meadow stayed with Rebecca in Hawaii. After that, she moved in with her father and was still living with him when Paul’s tragic car accident occurred. Meadow, currently 23, is a successful model and also runs a foundation, named after her father.

5. Net Worth

Rebecca McBrain has had a successful professional life. From being a teacher at a school to serving in the US military, she has opted for various jobs in her life. After an unsuccessful relationship with Paul, Rebecca settled in Hawaii and started teaching children there. Currently, her net worth is approximately $500,000.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the latest update.

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