Story Behind Hello Kitty Murder Case: Background And Everything You Need To Know

Hello kitty murder homicide become a 1999 case wherein a nightclub hostess become kidnapped and tortured in a rental in Tsim Sha Tsui.

On 17 March, Fan Man-yee become abducted and tortured by 3 guys earlier than their demise a month later. She becomes then decapitated and her skull becomes located inner of a Hello Kitty doll.

Background Of Hello Kitty Murder Case

Here comes the tragic tale of the 23-year-old victim named Fan Man-Yee, who was a nightclub hostess. Fan Man-Yee was abandoned by her parents when she was a child and then she had to grow in an orphanage. However, on reaching the age of 16, she had to leave the orphanage following which she got into illegal sex work, consuming drugs as well as doing small crimes for her survival.

She started working as a nightclub hostess in 1997 by the age of 21. Because of her work, she used to meet several dangerous people. Most of her customers used to be from the Chinese mafia group.

Story Behind Hello Kitty Murder Case: Background And Everything You Need To Know

The fan had allegedly stolen HK$4,000 from one of the men, the wallet belonged to Chan Man-Lok, 36 a drug lord of Hong Kong. He wanted the money back his money (4000 dollars) plus an additional 10,000 dollars as interest. He, along with Leung Shing-Cho, 27; and Leung Wai-Lun, 20; hatched a plan to kidnap the young mother and force her to work as a sex worker.

It began when three men kidnapped Fan Man-yee from her home. They took her hostage in a filthy apartment decorated with Hello Kitty products. Soon after she entered the apartment, the trio abandoned the idea of forcing her into prostitution, she was subjected to horrifying acts of torture and abuse for an entire month. Fan war regularly assaulted and abused in increasingly sadistic and disturbing ways and never left the apartment alive. After Fan Man-yee’s death, her corpse was abused in unspeakable ways, making it impossible for law enforcement or medical experts to ever determine her exact cause of death.

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While fan aka hello kitty murder was being held against her will and tortured, Chan (34-year-old) was dating a 13-year-old girl who regularly visited the Granville Road apartment. The teenager, who is known only as “Ah Fong,” not only witnessed the terrifying acts her boyfriend and his fellow gangsters inflicted upon Fan, she also participated in the abuse. According to Ah Fong, on one occasion she watched as Chan kicked Fan approximately 50 times, so she joined in by hitting the 23-year-old woman with her hand. The teenager also admitted to committing other acts of torture, and when she was questioned about her motives, she said “I had a feeling it was for fun.”

hello kitty murder

The Killing: after being subjected to sadistic torture for a whole month, Ah Fong allegedly located Fan was dead. While the 3 guys later attempted to argue she died after overdosing on methamphetamines, it is much more likely she died from the numerous accidents she acquired even as imprisoned inside the Granville Road apartment, mainly due to the fact she had reportedly been falling unconscious time and again leading it to death. The men put her corpse inside the tub and dismembered her with a saw. They cut Fan’s corpse into multiple pieces, the men cook her remains to stop her body from decomposing and oozing the unique order of rotting human flesh.

They set her body parts in a pot of boiling water on the stove, during cooking her remains net to the food they were preparing for dinner. On a minimum one occasion, they used the same kitchen utensils to stir their food as they did the pot containing her severed head. After they boiled Fan’s remains, they disposed of a maximum of her body parts by throwing them out with their family garbage, even though they did preserve a few portions of her corpse.

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Story Behind Hello Kitty Murder Case: Background And Everything You Need To Know

Fan’s severed head was sewn into a Hello Kitty doll: after Ah Fong went to the Hong Kong police, officers searched the apartment. While the men had moved out of the flat, some of the assets had been left behind, together with a huge Hello Kitty mermaid doll. When they took the filled toy apart, they determined Fan’s severed head was sewn within the Hello Kitty doll.

They additionally found a single tooth, which they had been later able to connect to Fan, and on top of the canopy of a shop located under the flat, officers recovered a bag containing her in part decomposed internal organs. With Ah Fong’s account of the crimes and the bodily proof recovered from the apartment, Hong Kong officers arrested Chan, Shing-Cho, and Wai-Lun about Fan’s death.

The Men Weren’t Convicted of Murder Ah Fong acquired immunity from prosecution in Trade for her testimony against her boyfriend and his accomplices. While all 3 men denied killing Fan, throughout their six-week trial, they admitted to stopping the young mom from receiving a lawful burial, a criminal charge in Hong Kong.

Chan and Wai-Lun each pleaded responsible to fake imprisonment, a charge Shing-Cho denied, and for the duration of their trial the 3 men accused each other of torturing Fan while minimizing their roles in the awful abuse, she endured over the last month of her life.

The defines additionally attempted to persuade the jury Fan can also additionally have died due to a drug overdose. While Fan had been a consumer of methamphetamines before becoming pregnant with her son, her husband testified she had stopped the use of pills years in advance when she discovered out she was pregnant.

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Because of how the 3 men disposed of Fan’s body, medical authorities have been not able to decide exactly how the young mom died, so a jury refused to find them responsible for the murder. Instead, the trio was convicted of manslaughter in December 2000, and they have been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after just 20 years.

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